Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little Red Boots

All five of the kids have worn these boots. No matter where we have lived I have always had a helper or two for morning chores. Someone has always worn these boots. I remember buying them for Hadley when she was a wee one, they were so shiny and new. They have been on little feet from the grassy knoll of our Connecticut house to the muddy fields of the sugar beet farm we lived on in the Netherlands. Henry has mastered putting them on and running to the chicken yard before I have one boot on.

Today was perfect for leaf crunching.

And mud print making while holding a favorite blue painted rock (that ended up in the bottom of the horse water trough and me stripping down to my tank top to retrieve it).

When chores are done it is the fancy kick in the air whilst the boots land kerplop on the patio. There are cute boots (on sale!) here for kids. And Moms here.


Lavender Dreamer said...

Love the little red boots and your son feeding the chickens! Sure brings back good memories for me of when my boys were little! Enjoy them!