Monday, November 17, 2008

all growed up

Another weekend well spent. Another weekend in November well spent...we all know what that means....we are inching our way well towards the Christmas season. I guess I'll be patient and wait a few more weeks for December until I break out the holiday music and eat a pound of fudge while watching "Elf" for the 15th time. I have nearly every word of that movie memorized, but it still makes me laugh.

Teen summary:

Yesterday while making bread, listening to Vivaldi and dwelling in the sweetness of Molly humming along as she cut and glued, this happened...
Maggie (who has recently had make up privileges taken away as she wasn't wearing less as requested politely by her dear mother) approached me and in an almost whiny voice asked when she could wear make up again, I explained this decision was up to me and she needn't ask me every hour on the hour I will surely let her know, so she huffed out and I did that deep mothering sigh that releases some of the tension and silently tells myself that someday she will thank me for my Little House on the Prairie-esque rules. Ten minutes later she skipped into the kitchen all bubbly asking me if I needed any help with the bread, I looked at her trying to detect if she was being sarcastic which didn't seem a possibility then asked her if she was still mad. She actually replied "oh yeah...what was I mad at you about????" She sat trying to think about our earlier conversation. My dear, sweet darling Maggie has a million things running through her head at all times. This incident was very rewarding to me... teens are hard work! I never seem to feel that 100%-I'm-right feeling when it comes to my teenage daughters. But seeing how quickly this issue flew from her mind while I dwelled on it lifted the worry from me. They are beautiful, polite, smart, young women and I worry endlessly about them. I will admit this only here : I'm overprotective. It scares me to imagine them moving out and being on their own. I want to buy them cute little white clapboard cottages right next door to their lovable parents. We can paint and reupholster furniture together, we can grill salmon with capers and watch movies like "Sarah Plain and Tall". But somehow or other they insist on growing up. Without me. It's so sad!

And yes, I am working on the curtains!


Lavender Dreamer said...

Oh, the curtains are looking nice! I only have sons but I know a teenage girl would be even more work..but it sounds like you have a sweet teen!

Liz said...

Ahhh yes, the makeup battles. My dad used to HATE our makeup, it was good for us!