Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Be true to thy self

Today as I was collecting my thoughts about Nie-Nie's journey, I thought about all she has taught me and yet we have never met. I admire her so deeply. I pray for her so hard. She has made my life better by sharing her words, her thoughts and her families antics. Her life has grasped my heart, I shall strive to be a better mother, wife and friend because of the way she chose to live her life. That is powerful to me. She lays each day, her body willing itself to heal and I am so fiercely hopeful it will.

Some of what she has taught me, thus far:

Be you.

Love each other.

It is okay to let it go.

Children are a gift even if you lock them outside for an hour.

Make the little things (and big) special.

It isn't necessarily the thought that's the doing it that does.




Lavender Dreamer said...

What sweet thoughts! Is that a pretty quilt in the background of your picture? I would like to see the pattern of the fabric. I love it!