Tuesday, November 18, 2008

three things

Reading about the pioneers trekking across America during my childhood always created visions of campfires surrounded by fiddle playing and dancing around in calico dresses. And who doesn't think a sun bonnet is the sweetest thing ever? I always wanted to think I was strong enough to be a pioneer, I would pack up the wagon ship shape and be so efficient making my handsome husband proud. I would brew tea in a fine china tea pot during our rest stops and whip up a fresh batch of scones in a jiffy, with wild berries of course.

Those childhood stories turned into the more realistic diaries and historical accounts like "My Ever Dear Charlie"and "Farm Wife: A Self Portrait". I started to realize that if I were indeed a pioneer I would probably really be missing the cobblestone roads of home. And I'd probably smell a wee bit. Like sweat and the aged hard cheeses they traveled with. As I am growing up here in my thirties my list of things I would miss grows daily. So many things in life I am just now learning, things that seem like everyone around me already knows.
So yeah, I guess I couldn't be a pioneer. Could you?
Here's Three Things I added today to my mental list of relatively- modern -items -I -would- have -trouble -giving -up- if -I -were -a -pioneer.

The Crock Pot. What a gift! I love the way it smells as it cooks all day (that is when you remember to plug it in which I have had the pleasure of discovering I forgot--twice actually). Today's recipe is here. I haven't made it before but it smells great.

The sewing machine. Ahhh let us all think of our ancestors who sat and hand stitched for hours and hours. They never got to hear their children yell "GO MAMA" as she floored the pedal. Bubby boy does this and though it is oh so cute I can't help but furrow my brow and wonder what kind of driver he will be.

The wipe warmer. Though baby wipes in general are deserving of a medal. The wipe warmer is extravagant. We have only had it for the two younger kids but no more cringing each time you slap their tiny butts with an ice cold cloth. Now back to the pioneers... let's again talk about Bubby Boy and ask what would the pioneers do on a day like today when he has helped himself to a colossal tub of dates? I mean seriously, it is the baby wipes alone that tell me I couldn't be a pioneer.


Lavender Dreamer said...

I KNOW I could never survive being a pioneer! What about bubble baths! And my hubby uses the microwave to soften the butter before dinner! Have you read the books about Sarah Agnes Prine? The first book is "These is my words"...they are fiction but tell the story of the pioneers traveling in covered wagons. There are 3 books by Nancy Turner and the way she writes...I will never forget the stories!