Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Craft

I wrote and deleted a post talking all about the way I feel. Aren't you glad I woke up and kept my finger on the back space button? I will keep this a happy place, just for you all, or as they say here: y'all. I was with Molly's kindergarten class this morning and the little squeaky cowboyish voices were melting me left and right. It was too cute!

Speaking of cute. I recently bought this felt ornament at Homegoods, there was no company name, except the made in china tag. It looks easy to make and hopefully the girls and I will find time to make a few. I traced it to make a template and it looks pretty self explanatory. There are eight pieces of felt. The eye is a bead, the back solid, it's stuffed with a little poly filling and a blanket stitch to hold it all together. It might look better as a cardinal or blue bird.


Lavender Dreamer said...

I enjoy your blogs and hope you feel better now. How sweet of you to share the design of your little ornament. I love making things out of felt! I will try this!

Heidi Ann said...

I love it - what kind of bird is it? Cedar Waxwing? Oriole? Chickadee? I can certainly see many possibilities with different colors. Lovely little birdie.

Anonymous said...

When I feel down or anxious at all, I will read your blog. It makes me feel happy. You give me a piece of my Mom back--the simple things in life-she also always treasured them. Now and always, your sister in law and bff