Monday, November 24, 2008

Who are you and where did you put my mother?

Bonnie Bonnet has been keeping my hands busy lately. Christmas projects keep creeping their way into my mind. I like this idle time before Thanksgiving, at least for a week or so I feel ahead of things. I can sit and ponder who gets what and what to bake for the neighbors. I stitch with little worries. But then all of a sudden I realize I forgot the bus driver and my husband's secretary and I scramble around with the rest of the crowds frenzied with boxes of chocolates and sparkly bows. It always happens. I suppose this is the fun part of Christmas. The spirit, the giving, the sudden bursts of peace on earth. I love it all so much. Aren't the best trips to the store last minute with your van filled with sugar hyper kids? Yes, there's stress but there's also a knitted winter mitten clasped in your hand and twinkle lights to oohh and aahh over on the way home. I never want to take for granted my home filled with love and kids.

I say all this because, I realize now what a bear I was this weekend. I think I yelled at everyone. About crumbs and clutter and shoes left out. About helping out and being more respectful towards one another. Even about dumber stuff, it was like I was on a mission to yell. Poor Ken, poor kids. Imagine having a mother like that!


Lavender Dreamer said...

It does get crazy at this time of year. I love your beautiful embroidery. I would like to do that design. And the sweet book is a treasure!

Bee said...

Ah, don't feel too bad. We all yell at our kids every once in a while. I yelled at my son this weekend too. It must be in the air. I apologized, and I told him how much I love him. I am pretty sure he forgave me.

And yes, Miss Pettigrew lives for a day is worth the rent. I don't enjoy many movies either:)