Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old Sturbridge Village

On this day they were dying wool from their own sheep. I could have stayed all day and watched just this. The dye they used came from the same items they would have used back then. The colors are beautiful:

I know what you're thinking....more vacation photos???? Well, yes...more vacation photos. But I promise to do my best not to bore you.
Old Sturbridge Village is a living museum tucked into the woods of a quiet corner of Massachusetts. That doesn't tempt you? What if I told you twice a year there is a nearby HUGE flea market that even Martha goes to???

Though I have been here too many times to count it still makes me emotional. I remember being in high school and wanting to work here (geek alert). And..um, I still do.

This particular trip was among my favorites. My brother Mike was there and he is my only sibling that I would guess would wear colonial garb and sweat under the hot sun, too. (I would insert a geek alert for him but he is very good looking and not quite as awkward as me. Though really we are very similar and it's a little creepy. Is this too many sentences to use parenthesis? When I said it was creepy my brother and I are alike I meant in the way we both have storage units filled with antiques and have an appreciation for old houses and junk like that. I think I must be at my limit now for parenthesis sentences.)

On that note I shall close my fourth grade version report on Old Sturbridge Village.

OSV is a fun place to visit. I recommend you go with your family. I liked it because they had a gift shop with candy.

PS The gift shop is really very nice...it has a small book shop which is among my favorites. The online version is here.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Oh my gosh!! this brings back some fabulous memories for me, a place I visited with my family many years ago when we were all kids and traveled to the most wonderful places during the summer vacation! I loved this place too, and I once dreamed of working there also! (so that makes 2 geeks). :-) don't you just love that canopy bed, and oh that baby bed. I like being in places like this, they literally transport me back in time, and I like that feeling for those few hours that I am there. THANK You for sharing this. Debby

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How neat is that! I can't wait to visit the online book store! Thanks for sharing your photos! do you have more?

beck said...

I love this village and i would have wanted to work there too! We have a similar town here called Sovereign Hill. It is also amazing. We had a family portrait taken there with all 7 of us dressed up in colonial costume. Hilarious. If you google Sovereign Hill, Australia, you will see what it's like. My kids are going on camp there next year and will wear costume and go to school! Hope you are surviving the hot weather, yes, happy to swap for a day! xo

Leila said...

I love OSV.

We live about 40 minutes away from there! (It is a place that inspired me to encourage my hubby to move us to central Mass -- rolling hills, green, quiet.)

You should have come to visit me!! Next year :)

The gift shop is great -- and the fabrics are more reasonable than other places, which you might not expect!

Tammy said...

Hi...I just found your blog this evening...it is lovely.

I too would like to work in a place like this...as long as they didn't take it too literal and make you wear all of those hot undergarments...sigh...but I could so see me doing the old granny look...LOL!