Monday, July 27, 2009

Procrastination Clean Up

Spending a chunk of time away from here seemed to have cleared the cobwebs in that part of my mind that has me start a project and not finish it. I have been going through the bin under my sewing table that holds several projects neatly rolled with their pieces labeled just waiting for that day when I open the cover and let day light in picking and choosing which one I will bring to life. Today it was the Study Hall Skirt from Anna Maria. It has been sitting all cut and ready to be stitched since April. Which if I may say on my procrastination scale is really not bad. There is a shirt in there with a button down collar--how old is that???
My review of this pattern is this:
I really like it.
It's good.
I will make it again.
Have you been looking in your procrastination bin? What's in there?
PS This fabric isn't Anna''s from Hancock's.


Robin said...

Wow. I am totally impressed. I tried an Anna tote pattern and failed miserably. I think i need pattern reading class 101. But what a great skirt you made! you should be quite proud. now, what is this magic elixir that you consumed by going away? I need some! I'm stuck! so behind on blogging too. but, you know what? you've inspired me. tomorrow i will do it!

Jemm said...

So adorable! I usually won't start projects specifically because I'm afraid I will not be able to complete it. So...I don't know if I have a bin. LOVE the skirt.