Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little bit of yesterday in today


I love old doll clothes.  My Great Grandmother made this dress way back when (way back when girls actually played with dolls).  It looked as though it had been tea stained.  I tested a small area with diluted bleach then bravely bleached the whole dress.


Such a risk taker!  There’s still a few tiny stains but it’s bright and crisp enough for wearing. 


My Gram had this doll in her room and as a kid I always wanted to hold it. 

I keep her put away as some in this house look a little interested in her open and shut eyes.  Hmmm, I wonder who I am talking about?


He’s a crazy kid that may or may not have eaten something that looks like a tootsie roll from the cat box.  Okay he did, isn’t that  the grossest thing ever?  He won’t eat green beans but he will eat that?

Can you tell I’m in a blog slump?  I miss blogging!

There has been a chain of events here that kind made my zippity doo dah kind of zip away.  But it is what it is and I  just might feel a burst of posts inching their way forward. 

Keep on, friends.  I’ll see you later!



Andi said...

He ate it? Wowzers...and Yuck-OH!

We went camping as a family this weekend and visited an estate sale. It was for and old lady. You could tell...Tons of those dolls that dresses are crocheted on. Entire giant boxes of zippers, and fabric, fabric, fabric...

Guess what? I saw some fabric and thought of a craft for all of us to do while camping! No joke! I think Paula will blog it, so keep your eyes peeled,and marvel that I thought of it!

Leila said...

Ew. Just ew.
Okay, keep up those spirits, no matter what your gross gross (although admittedly cute) children do!
I'm praying for you!

It's Just Dottie said...

I love the old dress dress I treasure things like that,too. You make me smile. You are so cute. Reading you blog is so good for me on this not so very good day.

Paula said...

I love ornery boys. They make life interesting. You will NEVER forget that event.

Jacqueline said...

Okay...hault in the name of all pixie friends! I am sending you a dump truck load full of pixie dust to get your zip back in your doo-dah! Life can rain like cats and dogs sometimes and pour down a heap of ashes but you will rise again, my fair weather friend! Dust off the ash and light your light shine. I love your blog and your humor and your mind!
Of course I love your dolly dress and doll...yes, of course I do.
With love and happiness from my post today...
Jacqueline loves her 7 little men!

Prairie Rose said...

*Gag* Um, Sorry, trying to get past uh, that last thing.
And I thought it was was yucky when my little sister ate Bird Poop on the sidewalk because she thought it was pieces of cake.
Anyway, the doll and clothes are darling!
What a treasure to have!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

He's such a cutie! All boy! And I love your sweet doll! It looks just like one I had when I was little! I dressed it in real baby clothes! ♥

Dawn said...

I'm sitting here in parent/teachers meeting and laughing aloud at the tootsie roll eating! And the suspicious interest in the open and close doll eyes! I'm working for reals.....!