Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall clipart, from me to you!


Hello October!  Where have you been?

If I could I would hug fall.  Instead I will give you clipart…

The clipart is from a program we had on our first computer (think early 1990’s and big like the space station).  My daughter Maggie downloaded all these images and transferred them for me because I was always whining about how much I missed them.  It’s nice when kids do nice things, isn’t it?  

I hope you enjoy them!












Andi said...

So nostalgic! So you! Cute little cards...I kept thinking they'd make cute cards like Valentine's cards...But I guess kids don't exchange Halloween cards!

Prairie Rose said...

These are darling!
Thank you for sharing.
It reminds me that I need to get the Halloween decorations out.
Have a great Friday!

Leslie said...

Pretty, I love this stuff!!!
Happy October.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet! Tell her I appreciate them, too! I'm going to print some of them out! Of course...I have a couple of these cards...we always love the same things! Happy Fall! ♥

Jemm said...

I love fall too. I finally got motivated to decorate today. I'm so glad I did too. The house seems so much for cozy and homey. I LOVE the clip art. Do think those images are from the 30's?

Andi said...

Hey, I just wanted to tell you I posted a link to you on a blog post that will appear tomorrow. Don't be surprised when you are totally bombarded with maybe one whole new reader...if that. I fear that I'm not that influential in the world of blogging!

Dawn said...

Cute stuff!

Robin said...

Love, love, love the vintage clip art. Thanks! I'm with you - Fall is the greatest season. So cozy! I love it! ~R.