Wednesday, October 13, 2010

passing along a tag

Thanks Briana for tagging me.  I’ve had no mojo to post lately so hopefully this will get the ball rolling!


How did you meet your spouse?

We met when I was a stripper.  Nah! We met  in high school, duh!

Birth weights of your children?

8.7  7.9   8.2   7.11   9.2

Favorite Subject to teach?

I don’t homeschool my children but did in the past. I still like to teach them history, art and music.

Favorite TV Show?

Mad Men, Jimmy Fallon

Last date you were on with just your spouse?

We went to a party on the base. And um, my husband’s boss referred to me as Ken’s daughter instead of wife! And um, I said something dumb in reply. And um, I always seem to get myself into the most embarrassing situations ever.

Least favorite household chore?

Scrubbing the showers.

What do you like to do in your" spare" time?
read, sew, walk,  play piano (boy I sound like a lot of fun)

Small town or big city?
small town but I like to travel

How long have you been married?

Nearly 18 years

Were your children born at home or at the hospital?

In the hospital, but I have always dreamed of a home birth. My deliveries include three forcep, one vacuum extraction and a c-section.  Yay!

How many states and which ones have you lived in?
(8) Connecticut, Virginia, Hawaii, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Texas (also Philippines, Turkey, and The Netherlands)

What is your favorite flower?
blue hydrangea

What is the biggest challenge your children present you with?

I suppose it’s fear. I am afraid to let them go to an overnight at a friend’s house.  I’m afraid to let them out of my sight, I’m afraid when they are sick, I’m afraid to let them watch PG 13 movies even when they are 12.75 years old.  I’m afraid to let them grow up and move away.
Where do you dream of visiting?
China or Japan to buy fabric and Hello Kitty stuff

If you could live in any country, which one would you choose?
Besides the good ol USA I would live in England

Favorite board or card game?
Parcheesi! I love Parcheesi, and I like to play mean.

Feel free to copy and paste this post and fill in with your own answers. 



Briana said...

Oooh, this was fun to read! Thanks for playing along.

I didn't know you had homeschooled. I should have worded that question differently.

Sounds like we need to hear the story of your last date!

I face the fear monster almost every day with my children. My biggest fear is that I'm not a good enough mom.

Hmm, do you like English literature? That is why I want to live in England.

I was doing really well with my blogging last week and this week has gone flat. Up, down, up, down, that is how my writing goes.

barbara said...

My son swore he was the ONLY kid at school who was not allowed to watch PG 13 movies until he was 13. (It hasn't seemed to hamper his social development.)

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

I didn't know your favorite flower is a blue hydrangea! That's mine too! Planted 4 hydrangea's a few years ago - just gorgeous. Now I'll think of you! Glad someone tagged you - you are such an inspiration to so many.

Jemm said...

You and I are so much alike. The question about the kids sounds like I answered it. I DREAD when someone new invites one the girls over to "spend the night". PG-13 movies are SO off limits here too. You've lived in TURKEY!! Wow, I didn't know you were such a world traveler. We've gotta meet someday :)

Jacqueline said...

That was fun! Just plain fun and a great way to get to know you. Good gravy you have lived almost everywhere on earth and beyond!
I loved your opening line about being a make me laugh! Good medicine for the soul before bedtime.

Creative Carmelina said...

yes, this was fun to read...and to get to know yet another blogger!

i'm now following you..and i do hope you'll take a sec to come by and visit with me too!

ciao bella


Prairie Rose said...

I detest cleaning showers.
Glass shower doors and hard water do not mix:(
Blue Hydrangas were my wedding flowers!
They are one of my favorites as well:)
Hope your weekend is awesome!

Leila said...

You are too funny.

People accuse me of trying to protect my kids and I just say Hell yeah.

I was always "THAT MOM" who picked my kid up at 11pm at a sleepover, because what fun could you have that could be worth losing a night of sleep? And that's the least of my fears, yes.

And have you ever noticed that PG13 movies can be extremely raunchy? And some R movies are a lot cleaner but just more interesting, that's all.

I would rather my kids and I not cringe our way through a Jim Carrie movie. (Liar Liar is so funny and has a great heartwarming theme of a dad coming to his senses but oh the sex! Really? It really had to be made that way?)

Leslie said...

fun awswers. I wish you could help me with my lousy piano playing. lol. I gotta keep working at it, but so far.. I am not very good.
Have a great sunday

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This was fun! I am always amazed at how many things we both like! You could be my daughter...or much younger sister! heehee! ♥