Friday, October 8, 2010

The posts that starts with a headache and ends with Make IT Do It Books

Do you get headaches? It seems just as I claim to be headache free for months I get one. Is it my braces messing with my teeth? Or is it hormones? Maybe it’s the 1/2 cup of chocolate frosting I ate yesterday?  The funny part (?) about headaches is that I pretend I am not getting one, I pretend it isn’t bothering me until blast I feel like I will vomit and huddle myself on the side of my bed.

This morning in the midst of my headache denial I decided to go for a walk.  About this moment my son ran through the room at lightning speed which can only mean he did something he didn’t want me to see.  And that something turned out to be cutting a bald spot onto the top of his head.  Note to self…don’t buy your young child his first pair of big boy scissors the same day he goes to the barbershop.  


picture provided for your viewing pleasure

So anyway after he sobbed sorry and I put the scissors way up high I put him in the baby buggy with his feet nearly dragging on the ground because he is huge.

I walked like I didn’t have a headache and by the time I got home I didn’t.  Isn’t that a happy story?


Are you only reading because you are wondering what Do It books are? Because you might be disappointed.


Vintage project books might be my favorite books to find.  If only we were all forced to learn these types of crafts when we were young, things would be so much easier. 



There is still an 11 year old part of me that thinks about My Side of the Mountain (Jean Craighead George). Or Farmer Boy (Laura Ingalls Wilder).  They could do so much with so little.



The knitting projects in these books are supposed to be easy.


Maybe my brain is missing the function for knitting? 




My mother gave my kids an old linoleum block printing kit many years ago.  I didn’t know what it was.  Do you?

It’s kind of complicated, I find printing things on the computer printer is much easier. (that is a joke)

Have a nice weekend, hope it rains (another joke).



Briana said...

Oh, man, poor mama! I hope his hair grows quickly.

I tagged you on a I want to know post. No prob, if you don't want to play!

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

I held my breath with the Make it do it 5th grader is having 'the talk' at school. I'm holding my breath until the last minute to sit her down and have our own chat. Love Lil H's hair cut. Glad you are feeling better! You always share the greatest books!

Lindsey in AL said...

Ugh. I don't get headaches but my beloved has had migraines his whole life. Most of the time what works for him is to go to the blacksmithing forge and hammer on stuff for a couple hours. Doesn't seem like a great way to get rid of a headache but I think it's a stress reliever for him. I would probably hammer my thumbs. I'm glad your walk worked for you!

I have several books like you mention (from when our library sold a TON of books earlier this year) and my kids LOVE them. I think we could do a pretty good job of educating them if we just gave them those books and a closet full of supplies. Maybe some help with the glue gun. Sounds easier than teaching spelling or division, doesn't it?

Paula said...

teehee the bald spot is GREAT!

Glad you walked your headache away. Fall is to good of a season to be stuck inside feeling blah.

Andi said...

I thought the bald spot was a shaft of light on his head, initially. Because I am silly...

I love to look at those pictures...Do the crafts? Well, I really should stop repeating myself about the craft thig.

Andi said...

thing. THING!!!! See, crafting gets me so stressed with inadequacy I lose the ability to type!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your old books! I remember having a couple for my kids! And I always blame hormones for headaches! lol But BOYS can sometimes give you a slight one! heehee! How cute he is...and will grow back! Have a wonderful weekend! favorite old books are the old school books we had in the '50s! Hugs! ♥

Jemm said...

Those headaches sound awful. I'm glad you were able to walk it off.

LOVE your books. I love old books with cute illustrations. You could totally knit. You just need to be shown how I bet. We could actually use the rain, so there :P

Leslie said...

sorry about the headaches. I am glad that you were able to walk that one off.
lol at the haircut.. sorry. however I did laugh at the photo. I remember when my oldest was around 3 she cut her bangs off. I sobbed like a baby. It grew back.. and 15 years later, she is still chopping at her hair.

Happy weekend

Chambray Blue said...

Oh Gosh, this was so funny. Ah, I'm sorry... Glad you're headache is better.

Juniper said...

Glad to hear your headache did subside, clever solution- take child for a walk (or rather ride). The bald spot is unfortunate but very funny (with your barber plus new scissors confession) . Must confess I am a total addict of just these sorts of books, Have a very small collection so far (unfortunately because this is really the golden time for such activities). ahh the sheer simple cleverness of some of these books, things kids can make and play with.
p.s. It is suppose to rain here this weekend and I am looking forward to it.

Prairie Rose said...

Why does almost every kid have to cut his/her hair at least once?
I dont understand the fasination with that!
So sorry to hear of your headaches,I get migrains and they are just NO FUN!
The books look so interesting!
What fun to look through them and see the different projects that were popular.
I am a recent knitter, no one around me knew how so I taught myself,I picked up some DVD's at Joanne's Fabric and here I am knitting my heart out!
I really enjoy it(its addicting!) Plus its a great stress reliever.
Hope your weekend is awesome!

Jacqueline said...

Hi, it's me again!!!
Typing like crazy before I hit the work world at 7am...Did I tell you I got a part time job for the holidays at Michaels? I'm chin deep at least in long lines already of folks crafting for the holidays.
Yesterday on my day off, I stood in the isle, then I sat on the floor...of Goodwill. Looking at childrens books...and Do it books. I left one behind and I'm pissed at myself! I know you understand!
Waving from my corner of the world!
~the girl with the curl~

Dawn said...

I love those books! The drawings are so wonderful. And when I look at them, I think that parents might be put in jail for neglect if they allowed their children to do some of those activities--and that is sad. My Side of the Mountain is one of my favorite books and I just re-read it a few weeks ago. When I see kids with a chunk cut out of their hair, I always think it looks kinda cute--but then, they are not my kids!!