Monday, November 8, 2010

back in the saddle

Happy days are here again, though I feel like I am looking at my children with new eyes. 

I woke this morning and watched the sun slowly peek up from the edge of the horizon until it was a big orange fire ball that spread pinky puffy swirls across the sky.  There was no rush to ready the kids for school as we changed the clocks, it made me happy.  I suppose I am in the minority with liking the changing of the clocks as I keep hearing complaints.  The dark evenings don’t bother me, it’s nice to all be snug in the house. 

It seems like I didn’t really sit down the whole month of October.  Now all of a sudden everything is winding down—all the sports and activities…just as much as I enjoy it when it all starts… I enjoy it when it all goes away.

Little Sam turned 13 a few days ago.  He’s a teenager!  That means Ken and I are outnumbered.  Three teenagers at once?


He asked for cherry cheesecake.  Did you know there are 13 letters in “Happy Birthday”?   Did you know those candles cost too much and burned up before he had a chance to blow them all out?


He didn’t seem to mind. 

Hope you are enjoying November.  Are you feeling Christmasy like me?   I want carols and holly and sleigh bells jingling. 

PS This is a relatively easy cheesecake recipe that doesn’t need 6 eggs or 4 boxes of cream cheese.  I like to add a tsp of almond extract.  It’s Sam’s favorite!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday! I think cheesecake would be my pick, too! We bought some key lime cheesecake at the grocery store today! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas, too! Now that it's dark earlier...would be nice to have some lights on the house! heehee! ♥

Paula said...

I missed your posts. I hope your daughter is feeling better. I love the time change too and cheese cake of course...Welcome back

Briana said...

We will have three teenagers next feb. I'm scared, j/k.

I'm feeling ready for Christmas already. Can't wait!

I'm glad things are getting back to normal for ya. Have a great and relaxing week.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sam ! And whoa three tenns under one roof....bless you. I am gearing up for my first ever Christmas cookie exchange and trying to get int he spirit. All I really need to do is load up the CD player and sing my little heeart out to all those fabulous Christmas tunes!

Dawn said...

Have fun with those three teenagers, since you're outnumbered and all! :) I'm glad you're back and I, too, enjoy the snug feeling of the long dark evenings.

Prairie Rose said...

Dear Kate,
I also am enjoying it getting darker earlier, I like cozy warm eveings at home.
Plus, Hubby has to come home earlier because he cant see when its dark,HA!
The cheesecake sounds yummy!
A Very Happy Birthday to Sam!

Andi said...

I love the time change in the morning because now the kids don't get on the bus in the dark. However, it is now only 6:30 and I'm in pjs, because it's so dark outside. But, I don't think I can blame all of that on time change!

Lindsey in AL said...

I like the fall time change too- it's the one time all year we make it church a few minutes early :| More light in the evenings would be welcome right now because Hubby is trying to get a home renovation done and doesn't get home until 6 pm. but I don't actually mind the dark at all. Don't talk to me in the spring when we go forward on the clocks though.

Happy birthday to Sam! What an exciting milestone! We used those candles for my mom's birthday and they gave us trouble too. They sure looked good in the package though.

Do you think the Eagle Brand police would get me if I make their cheesecake with Aldi brand sweetened condensed milk?

Jemm said...

So glad to hear things are on the up-swing with your family. I wish I were closer and could have done something for you. And happy birthday to your Sam!! We are really two peas in a pod, Kate. I've always enjoyed the time change. I like to light a candle as it gets dark and hunker down. Another amazing thing to me is my 12 year old daughter wanted pumpkin pie for her birhtday, not a traditional cake. We, too, have photo of a pie with candles sticking out of it! Glad you're back, friend.

Leila said...

Glad you are all safe and sound.
What a handsome lad. Not all 13 yo boys are presentable, you know!
And I adore cheesecake.

God bless!