Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I’m listening to John Denver Christmas

In order for it to officially be Christmastime around here there has to be a few things checked off the list.

One is obviously Thanksgiving…how was yours? Ours was fine and dandy, and now all the pies are gone and the leftovers have lost their luster.  But someone will eat them, that is a perk of a large family. 

The youngest child had a birthday, which is the last of all the fall birthdays.  He sits through a bunch of birthdays until finally it is his turn.  He requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream.  I guess he likes chocolate.


such a kind and loving boy

And lastly we finished the Fall Leaves Yankee Candle we bought three years ago.  The smell kind of gave me a headache but I burned it for three Fall’s.  Waste not, want not.

So now, it is officially Christmas.  And as if on cue my husband brought home a Yankee Candle entitled Mistletoe.  He kept holding it above my head for a kiss but I didn’t get the joke because I was thinking of a nice way to tell him it smells like cat pee.

PS There is no nice way to tell him.

During the last few weeks I have read several food recommendations. 

Just for her, I tried peppermint ice cream.  It’s delicious!  I wouldn’t have normally bought it but I can’t think of a better evening treat to have while sitting in front of the wood stove.  Maybe it doesn’t feel as sinful because it’s minty.  Thanks H!

And recently thanks to her, I bought a cinnamon roll.  And I ate it!  It must have had 2000 calories!  That’s like three whole days on the elliptical machine.  But yes, Andi, it was really, really good.                                                                                   Her sister recommended these:


and truthfully Dawn, they are the best pickles I have ever had. 

All this before I’ve done any holiday baking.  Last month I looked like this:


And  already I feel like this:



Here is an older Christmas calendar from the BBC, each day opens a new Bach piece.



Andi said...

Those pictures are hilarious. You are so clever. Thanks for the link! Can you believe you've been missing out on cinnamon rolls all these years?

Prairie Rose said...

Another lover of the peppermint ice cream!
So glad you liked it:)
Love the toy pics!
I know exactly what you are talking about.
Happy Belated Birthday to your Chocolate loving son!
Have a great day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

At least you don't feel like the Weeble people! heeheehee! I love beautiful candles and peppermint scents are my favorite! My hubby was pruning the boxwood shrubs and I held a cutting over his head for a kiss....I thought that was cute! lol Hugs! ♥

Paula said...

All I can say is THEY are bad influences about some things.

I love your little people.

Leila said...

I love when you pull out the playskool people.
I once fastened mistletoe to my hair with barrettes. It was when I was trying to get my future hubby to break out of his Boston Irish Catholic boys' school thing and pay attention to me.
I guess it worked.
I hope you are not getting bored or annoyed with my stream-of-consciousness comments. Your cute posts always get my juices running...
You can block my ISP or whatever it is if you want.

Dawn said...

My pickle jar looks like yours--only the juice is left! Glad you liked them. And your know, your little people is what told me one day that we would surely be friends if we were to meet in real life!

Leslie said...

lolol at your cat pee candle and your "little people". I feel the same way right now. I need to stop eating all of these delicious goodies.
Have a great December