Sunday, November 21, 2010

putting together a baking list

I like making a holiday baking list each year.  And I’m fairly certain I like to bake, it’s just a bad formula to mix a long list of baking with the other holiday rush type stuff that makes me a little crazy.  But this will be the year, right?  There will be no stress and no messes and I won’t run out of any ingredients and I won’t sample too much and feel bloaty and I will wake early and go to bed late and never be a bit tired. 

These peppermint whoopie pies look pretty and the website they are on has some really great recipes.

And the King Arthur website is among my favorites, I like this brownie embellishment idea.  It looks easy yet elegant.


Another idea I thought about was cheating with chocolate covered pretzels.  Last year I made 60 cello bags full.  They were holiday shaped pretzels I bought at Big Lots (classy) and it took me a whole day to make them, I thought I would never want to make them again. I think this year I will try buying pretzels already covered in choc and warm them a little and sprinkle them or drizzle with melted white choc.  Pretzel cheating…even classier than shopping at Big Lots.


What’s on your baking list? Is there something you make every year for the sake of tradition?




Leila said...

You are so funny.
I make a lot of things but I can't remember them now because my brain fries Thanksgiving week and I don't recover until Lent.

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Pretzel cheating? Next you'll be making those Pillsbury Slice-n-Bake cookies. I like every single kind of cookie in the world. However, if forced to choose my favorite Christmas cookie, it would be a tossup between spritz, date and nut pinwheels, and peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses that my friend makes for me.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'll follow the link to King Arthur's site! I'm not going to do a lot of cooking but we'll have some of our favorite things! I enjoyed your comments on Yoga! Hugs! ♥

Andi said...

I adore sugar cookies. There is no end to my love of sugar cookies...

Oh, unless it's ginger cookies. I love, love, love ginger cookies.

Never in my life did I ever dream you could cheat on pretzels...And, yes, they seem to be an easy treat, but they are a hassle. Chocolate covered nuts, or chocolate covered chow mein noodles easier.

Oh, and my chocolate covers HAVE to be salted. That is why i never buy chocolate covered peanuts. I need my salt!

Dawn said...

pretzels, hot chocolate mix, quick breads....Then I try my best to give it all away!