Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bits and pieces

My days are really just mosaics of time all put together edge to edge until the whole day is filled up.  Little bits of do this and do that that sometimes overlap each other.  For the most part when I lay my head on my pillow I am at peace with the day that was just spent, it’s rewarding to be needed and have things to do.  Of course there is always that mental wish list of stuff I wish I had been able to do.  But it’s just having a list that keeps us going, isn’t it?  I love crossing things off as much as I love adding more things to it.

In my short bursts of spare time I have been finding bits and pieces of craftiness to fill that whim that my idle hands often crave.  


The past few nights I have been sitting at the little table in my room cutting and gluing a little book.  A little book all for me which seems like a really selfish thing to do amongst the list of Christmas presents that need to be bought or finished.


It started out as a board book with gnawed edges compliments of my own teething babies.  I sanded down the shiny pages and used tacky glue to adhere little paper and ribbon bits.  When I am finished I will coat each page with decoupage glue.   



While I was making it I had this epiphany that I am the mother of three girls?  Before you have kids it is a scary thought to imagine having to care for someone else everyday for the rest of your life.  It freaked me out all nine months.  But then lo and behold my oldest is now 18 and I forgot I ever felt that way-- until the other night as I was looking at this picture of Molly’s chubby thighs and I thought (and I apologize for my use of the word Holy and the word Shasizzle which really isn’t even a word)…..Holy Shasizzle I have three daughters (and two sons but they weren’t part of my epiphany).  And for about ten minutes it freaked my freak.

But now I am back to taking them for granted and yelling about how they jam the tv remote into the couch cushions and leave trails of papers and hairpins and shoes throughout the house. How I love my girls!

Other crafty bits that really just take a trip to the craft store and a few minutes:

015 016

Magnetic wooden letters using:

 Wooden tile letters, self stick magnet tape, rub on ABC’s and a shiny brush on coating. 

We ignored the preprinted ABC’s because they looked terrible and used the reverse blank side to apply rub on letters. 


I used three packs of rub ons to ensure we would have enough letters so my newly teenage son could spell out things like  “Maggie and Molly smell bad” ( that’s 3 M’s and 4 L’s).


I also bought these little, tiny bird houses at Michael’s. I’m not sure where to put them.  


I repainted them and bought little fake birds (duh, right? like I was going to put real birds in there.)  Maybe in our next house I will hang them in a window corner?  I don’t know where our next house will be but I do know we will be there in about 6 months or so.  It’s annoying not to know where we will go for sure, but it’s certain we are going somewhere and that at least is enough push to get everything done.

Have a happy day…thanks for visiting!


Paula said...

LOVE those magnetic letters.

I think you are brave - knowing you will move, but not knowing where. That is what I call walking in faith.

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

Such a clever girl! Love the little book. Thanks for the escape from my world into yours!

Honey said...

What is that sweet little Holly Hobbie gift? I don't even know what it is but I love it! :) I am the mother of two daughters and I have freaked out about that before as well. Hair pins,curling irons,make-up, it all. Don't think you are selfish for making something for yourself. We need to do that sometimes. And, why do those little chunky thighs look soooo cute on babies but not on us??? :)

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