Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little things


I gave up on finding a decent gardening hat. One that I wouldn’t have to spend a small fortune on just to get sweaty and dirty under the scorching Texas sun. Ahhh, yes the sun…how I love thee. The sun that occasionally feels so good as it is roasting my aging skin. We all know that it is a very bad idea indeed. My face is like a polka dotted piece of calico fabric. It feels soft but with neglect it gets all wrinkly. I have come to terms with my freckly skin, and vowed to protect it. I hate to admit this but I think I have had a bad sunburn every year of my life. So yes, I found a hat. A lovely inexpensive hat purchased at Forever 21 while shopping with my daughters. And yes I abhor that store and its BOOM BOOM music so loud I just walk in circles trying to remember why I am in there. It helped to find the hat and wear it in the store while I followed my girls around.

During the week while I am chained to the training potty which is chained to the wee boy- I have been sewing him some softies. He has a little buddy, in the red shorts, who really wanted a dog and cat. They are all friends and having a great ol’ time.


The pattern is Simplicity 2945.


bone folder

If you have seen Martha Stewart on TV she would recommend a bone folder to help turn out the small legs and ears, etc. It really is a handy tool and I use it often…especially with paper crafts. If there ever comes a day when I am talented enough to be a guest on her show I will do a project and use the bone folder. Only I will “accidentally” call it a boner. I will act dumb like I didn’t know what I said. I will do this for you, my loyal readers.

While I am talking about Martha I will tell you a true story. In 1997(?) my two sisters won a trip to Martha’s home and studio in CT (Turkey Hill) to meet Martha. I lived in Idaho at the time and was insanely jealous. They lived in Connecticut about an hour or so from M. This was before she was a jailbird and had a reputation for being snippy. My sister K relives this day with great impressions and makes me laugh the ugly-can’t-catch-my-breath-my-mouth-hurts-laugh. Especially the part when my sister L trips in Martha’s garden. A big kind of trip when you fall on your face and you make a umph kind of noise. Can you tell we are related? Martha was supposed to eat lunch with them but didn’t. They were sad. They said she wasn’t very nice. Even though my dear sisters witnessed M being not so nice I still like her as much as ever. She built an empire pretty much by herself. Whether she is good or bad I really like buying her bottles of glitter in rainbow colors.




Leila said...

I wish I could hear the stories about Martha. That makes me not very nice, I think...

Cute softies and beautiful hat!

Jeannine said...

I love the hat. I cannot find one either.
BTW, thank you for the bday wishes.

The Dadman Diaries said...

Oh, my sweet naive little sister...Martha Stewart aside...(Altho I had forgotten her dissing our sisters and our one particular sister's faceplant)...It's a good thing I emailed you instead of re-writing your blog in public! heehee

Andi said...

Ahem! Why can't I see your freckled face in your lovely hat?

Unknown said...

Humor makes the world go round and you lead the way! I knew there was a dark side to Martha but I prefer to be in denial and think she is perfect. Tee hee...come back and see me sometime at Once Upon a Fairyland!

Emily said...

Love the hat. I just commented so you may get two from me. The computer did some weird thing and didn't post it, so there may be 2. It was full of rude jokes about boners though, so it's probably for the best.

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

LOL. That was over 10 yrs ago and Kat retold the story to my friends while visiting me here in Ohio just a few weeks ago. I still adore MS. I still watch her show while on the elliptical. I still touch her papers at Michaels. I still inhale her towels & linens. I too admire all she's accomplished. One of these days I'll frame the picture of us with MS and hang it up in my studio!

LOVE your garden hat. Similar to the one you sent me a few years ago...I still wear it...with my green garden apron.

Oh I miss you so!

Unknown said...

cute softies!!! and I love the boner comment. I'm a Hs librarian and am prone to making comments like this accidentally....At least I am entertaining!! or something!