Monday, December 8, 2008

Apron Giveaway

Though I am not certain my blog is seen by enough to justify a giveaway, I thought I would give it a try. If you would like a chance to win this apron, comment this post and tell me if you think it is right or wrong to let your kids believe in Santa. I'm feeling guilty with my younger two as the three oldest took the truth quite hard.

This is an apron made by me (ahem...not perfect) with reproduction fabric and Butterick 4945. I'll pick a name at random on Friday afternoon.

Spread the word!


Dawn Gahan said...

Here is my thought on Santa. And I suppose it is based on my own personal remembrance of being told the truth.

I always did, and still do, think the whole idea of Santa is one of the most magical traditions ever. By the time my parents told me the truth, I was already inundated with kids talking in hushed tones about the "truth." That softened the blow a bit.

My mom — when the words came from her own mouth (hence, the real truth) — dealt the blow with analogies. She talked about our belief in God and not being able to see him. She said that she still believed in Santa, in her heart. That the "idea" of Santa is something she never wanted to let go of, and so she didn't!

Why not ask the three oldest what upset them the most about when you told them? There might be lessons to be learned in their opinions.

Love to you at this wonderful holiday season!

And hope the little one finds magic in Christmastime, whether it include the big jolly man or not!

Please enter me in your giveaway! If you don't mind, I'll post about it and include the picture! It's adorable.


Lavender Dreamer said...

The apron is beautiful and I would LOVE to win it! I've made aprons... but don't have one for Christmas. Thanks for the drawing and I hope you get some good advice on Santa. I'm not sure I know the answer either.

Lavender Dreamer said...

Oh, and I LOVE the Christmas books on the side of your posts! I'm going to look for them!

Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

I don't think there is a problem with letting them believe in Santa. I do as Dawn's mom lovingly did...I tell them it a belief, an idea, that lives in us all year long, not just at Christmas. I will admit, though, that when I found out the truth I was disappointed, but it truly did not diminish the wonder of the season. I have six children, and my youngest definitely still believes (he's in first grade), but he's even been telling me that kids are talking, saying he's not real. I just ask him what he believes, and he'll say he thinks he's real, and I, noncomittally, tell him that that's perfectly fine to believe that. My other two younger ones are on the "cusp", so to speak, and I just don't think they want to admit it yet! I do have a friend that has never allowed her children to believe in Santa, telling the truth from the young beginning. Personally, I feel it's such an important part of childhood, as there's plenty of time for all the "grown up" stuff, and we all need wonder and "fairy tales" at a young age (again, just my 2 cents!)

You sound like a wonderful mom, and I'm sure no matter which way you decide to go, the holiday season will still be full of wonder and blessed times.

Oh, and I would love to be entered in your giveaway! I'm wanting to remember the simpler times, and things such as this beautiful apron will do the trick! Thank you for being so generous!

Karin said...

Yes... let them believe. I wish I still did!

Cute apron!

Anonymous said...

It's not wrong to let your kids believe in Santa.


Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Yes, let them believe in the magic of Santa. Even when I found out the truth about Santa, my parents taught us that Santa is an idea and a feeling that we can have. Lovely apron!

creative breathing said...

Dear Freckled Hen, My husband is adamant about his belief in Santa Clause and instilled it in our children. When they think they don't "believe", he told them that is when the real magic of Christmas occurs as Santa moves into your heart to be loved and cherished always. My 22yr old daughter will tell anyone, "Oh I believe with all my heart." I have a blog contest tomorrow for my "Yes, Virginia There is a Santa" heart! E

Gretchen said...

I told my sons when they were growing up that if you didn't believe in Santa he quit coming. They are 38 and 36 and they still believe.

I still try to create that magic with my grandchildren that will having them believing many years from now too.


Gretchen said...

Please enter me in your drawing for the beautiful apron.


Lavender Dreamer said...

I put a post on my blog about your drawing! Good luck everyone!

Andy said...

just found you as I spend my youngests nap time blog browsing!!! I,ve got five children ranging from 11yrs to 15 months, the oldest know it's not "real" but we do this charade for the youngest...letter for him, snowy footprint etc and all join in, it's what makes christmas fun!!

I have made sure that they understand we do tell them the truth, but the santa story was based on an old bishop - st nicholas and has true foundings. It's tricky because I want my kids to trust what I tell them but don't want to spoil the magic!

Love the apron though, please enter me xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi there! I came to you via Lavander Dreams and just LOVE your apron!! Of course I am totally in awe of that adorable vintage looking fabric! Stop by my blog and you will see I love vintage Christmas. I would be honored to win your pretty apron.

happy day,

Liz said...

Oh I would love to win this cutie!

I say let them believe. I am a strong conservative Christian, but I think that children should be encouraged to use their imaginations. I'm all for the Easter Bunny too. As long as the real meaning of these wonderful holidays is taught as the priority, then I think our American traditions should be passed on.
That is just my humble opinion.
Great question!

I love your blog. I will book mark it and come back later to enjoy

Anonymous said...

I think most people object to Santa because it takes away from the real meaning of Christmas and really feeds-the-greed. But the REAL Santa, Saint Nicholas did what he did for another reason. That is a good one to explain to the kids.
Suz in the Tules
Loved your cuddly kitten picture!

Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

Let the kids believe in Santa.I remember when I figured out the truth I did not wnat to tell my parents because I thought "Santa" wouldn't come.
Also I love the apron it reminds me of when I was a kid.
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

I found your lovely blog through Sweet Cottage Dreams and I would love to win your apron. I still believe in Santa and I am 55! Jesus is the reason for the season, yes, and I am a Christian. Santa puts in the magical make- believe part of Christmas that keeps our lives from being dull.

Kathleen Grace said...

When our girls were growing up I didn't want to take away from the real reason for Christmas, but I also didnt want them to miss out on Santa. Our compromise was to tell them the story of St. Nick and tell them that he was a real person! No fibs, just the truth and we presented it with as much fun as we could. We didn't tell them the gifts weren't from him but we didnt tell them they were. We just let them think what they would.

the wild raspberry said...

Dearest Hen,
It seems I am in the minority on this one...I have never done "santa" for my girls and here is why:
When I was young, my parents did Santa to the top. I was very naive and believed in him completely. One day at school during recess my best friend told me he wasn't real and we got in a big argument over it. I was heartbroken and felt very betrayed by my parents. Why would they lie to me? So, as a mom I decided I didn't want to take that risk. I LOVE christmas and we know santa as a fun story but that is it. We need to remember who we should really believe in...our heavenly Father, and that he provides every good and perfect gift to us every day of the year.
Warmly, Chasity

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said...

I can't imagine my children not beleving in Santa...the magic the wonderment...I want to help them hold onto it for as long as they will....they decided because there are already children causing doubt...just as with anything. We talk about believing and that the Christmas Spirit....Santa or talking about about giving, not receiving. I am hopful that this will help them to understand when they decide to know the truth about who Santa really is......If it is ok...I will post your picture and post about the give a way tomorrow on my is a fantastic apron...please enter me!

Laurel said...

I think it's fine to let the younger ones believe until they figure it out for themselves. Of course, when the time comes that they stop believing, it's important to remind them of the general Christmas spirit and that Santa lives in everyone's hearts.

Anonymous said...

Hello - I found my way here by the way of Sweet Cottage Dreams. I do not have a blog, but my daughter does (BellaDella). I have become addicted and hope to start creating my own blog after Christmas. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and going back and visiting your older post. have gone and burst my bubble, because I am 55 and always have and always will believe in Santa :>). If my kids want presents, then they know the only way they can receive any, is by believing in Santa. LOL. Forgot to tell you they are 28 and 31 and they love Christmas just like me.

I would love to be entered in your drawing for the apron. I absolutely love it, as I am a collector of vintage Christmas items.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and magical Christmas!!

Santa Hugs To You All,

carol said...

My then 4 year old told his older brother there was no santa! He said it just didn't make any sense. Older brother then asked about easter bunny, tooth fairy and finally, since it was in the fall of the year, he asked if Christopher Columbus was real!
I don't have an answer to the question - I can see both sides of the issue

Happy @ Home said...

What a beautiful apron you have made. If it isn't too late I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

Now about that Santa question. . . I say absolutely let them believe. It's so exciting for children to anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus. I think most kids begin to hear rumors of the truth before they actually are ready to give it up. I let mine believe as long as they wanted - it didn't matter how old they were.


ihchicky said...

I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your children believe in Santa. I actually think it healthy for them to. I remember being devastated when I found out Santa wasn't real and eventually this will be a reality for all children, unfortunately. I think it is best to let them believe as long as possible. Even though I am aware there is no jolly Santa Clause living up in the North Pole, I still think it is nice to believe in the fantasy that something like that could be possible.

Now, on to the giveaway... I'd love to win this apron. I'd really like to have one specially dedicated for Christmas and this one is super cute. You did a really good job on it. Thank you for giving us all the chance!

Merry Christmas everyone!