Wednesday, December 31, 2008

beauty stinks

We watched the paperwhites with awe. Their stems reaching high towards the ceiling, we waited anxiously for tell tale signs of budding. We weren't let down when beautiful, delicate flowers appeared two days before Christmas. I love growing things--flowers, vegetables. It is miraculous to me to watch things emerge from the tiniest seeds with only soil, water and sunlight. Isn't that a gift? That is why it was so difficult for me to remove the paperwhites from the Christmas splendor of the living room. They smell.
It was a hint of a bad smell at first, not so terrible. But within days it turned into an obnoxious smell. The kids would repeatedly tell me there was a dirty diaper around. I moved the plant into my bedroom as their beauty still astounded me. But oi, the smell. I would wake in the night tasting it at the back of my throat ( I so do not sleep with my mouth open). At one point Molly gagged as she walked through my room. As painful as it was I had to banish them, they are in the laundry room now. One step closer to the compost pile.


Leila said...

Yes! It's so ironic! Paperwhites are lovely but smell...odd.

When I had them, I thought that there was something electrical burning, like a short somewhere.

It not only wasn't pleasant, but it gave me an anxious feeling, even after I discovered the source.

Lavender Dreamer said...

They are beautiful...but that is strange! I've never grown them but that is a shame! Too bad you can't put them outside and view them through a window. One time I actually did that with some jonquils that has a sickeningly sweet scent but it was early spring and I didn't realize it was going to be below freezing ....vase of water broke and flowers turned brown! EEEE! Happy New Year, sweet friend!

Robin said...

This cracks me up! I have ONE bulb growing, in the kitchen, but I agree that their scent can be very cloying (too sweet, too rich, like something dead?). But so pretty! Ha! One of those weird juxtapositions of life, huh? I enjoy reading your blog.

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