Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cookie Crooky

This morning as I attempted to assemble a few trays of baked goods for the neighbors I realized much of my pre-baking was pre-tasted. Hmmm, I thought, could the neighbors have entered my home and helped themselves? That just isn't logical, I said to the Sherlock Holmes/ Sherlock Hemlock (from Sesame Street) hidden personality inside me. There is only one other way this could have happened.


The evidence is all here. In fact last week he told me 2x how much he loves gingersnaps. I didn't really think about this until I saw the bag that was once overstuffed filled with air (nice try) and only a fraction of cookies.

I asked him how many cookies he ate and he asked, "which day?" I guess that answered my question enough. No need for further evidence.

Good thing he's a sweet and lovely son. He plays the trombone, watching him on Thursday I realized how little he is. I didn't know this. As we were sitting in the bleachers watching him, a little girl behind us kept asking her Dad why that boy's ears were so red. My boy. My boy with red ears, how I love him! One day he will wake up and grow tall like his Dad. But for now I will enjoy his littleness.