Wednesday, December 3, 2008

chair moving

I originally came in this room to move a wing chair into the living room. Don't you all completely rearrange your houses when you put the tree up? Is it not unusual to move a heavy piece of furniture (like my desk that weighs 30000 pounds) and then not like it in its new location? Anyhow, after coming into this room I carried the chair into the dining room and then decided to check my brother's blog. But this led to about an hour of looking here and there and before I knew it all this precious Bubby-napping time was spent and I realized I best get crackin...all must be done before the bigger kids come home as then chaos ensues and if the chair is still in the dining room I will be interrogated as to why is there a chair in the dining room and yelling of "I can't get by.." and then I will yell back "just go around" but they will yell "Whhhaaatt??"

So then I moved the chair into the kitchen. Yeah, I know ugly black fridge. Molly has been busy keeping it covered with her Christmas art work. She makes three-four of these large trees a day, I find them absolutely cute as ever but that is a biased opinion.

The chair sat here, I realized I should vacuum first, that led to waking Henry who was excited about the chair in the kitchen. So he helped me move it gently. I learned in my 20's that no matter how slowly you move something it will still scratch the floor. I also learned if you cover the scratch with a pretty little rug your husband will still see it when you move.

The chair is here now but truthfully I liked it better in the front room.