Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get out of Bed Sleepyhead

This week is busy. There is no room for any frou frou interference. Needless to say I chased down the bus this morning as she flew right by our stop. I was a crazy woman on a mission, but I did it, flagging down the bus in the middle of the road while wearing Maggie's neon blue gloves and my thick black rimmed glasses reflecting the flashing lights of the bus. My kids loved this. Well at least Molly did, she was so excited. The others were busy hiding behind anything they could find.

Last night my head was buzzing for today's Christmas party, and I stayed up way too late making a cake. It must be nervous energy as it seems like a pattern...I stay very organized then at the last minute come up with ridiculous ideas that at the time seem perfectly normal. Like deciding to make a fighter jet cake when I should be making dinner. Which included an impromptu run to Hobby Lobby as I had flecks of frosting all over my sweater. (note to self: remind child each and every time not to lift the mixer as it is spinning on high even though you have repeated that 100 times in the past.) I ended up spending about three hours on this cake which turned out nothing like I had pictured. My advice to you...don't make a fighter jet cake. Make a nice round one with choc buttercream frosting and creamy white frosting dollops on top.


The Dadman Diaries said...

Is your Fighter Jet wearing a toupee?

Lavender Dreamer said...

It turned out great! My son made a football cake one time for a contest and I remember what a challenge it say the least! Bet it tasted yummy!

Lavender Dreamer said...

Just a quick note to you! I enjoy your blog so much and I will be away from the computer for a couple of I just want to tell you to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy your sweet family! HAVE lot of holiday FUN!