Friday, December 12, 2008

Apron Winner

This is an extremely rare random name picker. Please don't email me as to where you can buy one, it is one of a kind. It works very well with only a few slight quirks, one being instead of the ten seconds it should take we spent about 20 minutes only to have the random name picker break down into sobs wanting to pick more and more. Perhaps I should have more giveaways?

Just reach in and pick one, eh?

Oh, this is so exciting! Who is it?

Hmmmnn, what's this? The random name picker must be mistaken. It says on the box "must mind mother, never misbehave, always be helpful and courteous." Let's try again.

Karin! Email me. I will send it your way.

Thanks for all your lovely comments. Santa will always come to our house no matter how old our kids are, I just feel stuck on the falsehoods of telling my young kids that yeah he does come down the chimney and all that goes with it. I remember Ken and I making up these huge extravagant lies (though it felt necessary which justified it I guess) as the older kids were growing. We move a lot so that was always a factor --of him finding us, etc. They trusted us enough to defend Santa (sometimes with tears) to their friends, thinking if Dad and Mom said it must be true.

Molly (5) has been asking all those questions of why do some kids get presents from Santa and other kids hardly any, how can reindeer fly to every house, etc etc. This is awkward as it isn't just Ken and I she asks but her older siblings as well. I think we have found the middle ground with everything, telling her that we are a big help to Santa. Whether he comes down the chimney or not it'll still be a day filled with the spirit of Christmas.

Did I do good? If not, you are all just bitter you didn't win the apron.

Bah Humbug!


Lavender Dreamer said...

You did good but can I be just a little disappointed? heehee! It is a beautiful apron!
CONGRATS to the winner! I know she'll love it! You'll have to tell me how to make one!

The Dadman Diaries said...

Big Hugs. You crack me up - even facing something like that, you still find a way to make me smile, to make me think of my family, and to make me think about how lucky I am. And I didn't even want the silly apron!