Friday, January 9, 2009

bye, tree

Recently I reread several posts and learned that I need to take my time writing. I should not try and write while certain individuals are banging on a toy drum and xylophone. I should not try and write while two teenage girls are whispering about stuff I may or may not approve of. My writing often sounds like I am in fourth grade. While I do love things a nine year old might like (ie... Little House books, cherry vanilla ice cream, burning up ants with a magnifying glass) I surely must make more of an effort to be mature. (Pronounce that with the "T" like mah- too- er.)
I also realized I never posted a picture of our tree. You might not care what our tree looks like. But I would like to look back at it in the future, so go suck on a lemon. Does a nine year old say that?

This splash of pink in the house has given me the umph to clean Christmas up. You can always tell when my house is a wreck as the pictures on my blog will be real close up. It always makes me sad to take the tree down. Christmas went by faster than I have ever felt. I miss it.

Enjoy your weekend!


Lavender Dreamer said...

Your tree is beautiful and I love your new banner! Happy blogging... and don't wait for a quiet moment to blog! With a growing family, you may not be blogging much and I love to visit you here!

Leila said...

I love your posts. Don't change a thing!
Our tree comes down tomorrow. Which means a whole lot of cleaning...sigh.

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

And people always wonder why *I* crop my photos so closely!

(That, and in a small house, it is difficult to show a full shot.)

Glad to find your blog via Leila's.