Tuesday, January 20, 2009

not just another day

I was mesmerized by the television today. What unfolded before me was majestic. On a normal day I would try and steer clear of blogging about these two topics: politics and television. The first being more difficult to keep quiet about as politics almost certainly enters into our dinner table conversations each evening and it's something as a family we are passionate about, though we never whole heartily agree on everything. It is engaging to discuss politics, my favorite meals back home include a large table surrounded with passionate New England liberals and just as passionate conservatives. Throw in some wine and endless platters of food and usually a good time is had by all. I like to listen. Oh, and drink the wine. Nearing the end of the meal someone usually is swearing and spitting when they talk. (I really like this part.)
Anyhow, today has flown by with my rear anchored to the most comfortable chair in the house and the porta-heater toasting my legs. The last few weeks Ken and I have been watching "John Adams" a dvd set he received for Christmas. It is based on the biography of John Adams by David McCullough. I had the pleasure of meeting him (David McCullough not John Adams) and feel like I need to gush and convince you to buy anything he has ever written as he is a brilliant historical writer. The dvd set is really very good. It has amazed me today to hear many parallels between the birth of our country and the present day.
I suppose I should stop here as I feel a burst of energy that might come out in the form of 14 paragraphs of how our founding fathers would feel today. I am guessing they would probably feel ridiculous in those wacky wigs.
I will sign off with a wish for my children and your children, no matter what shoes they walk through life in, let them be happy. Let them believe in themselves and the world they live in.


Felicity said...

How did you meet Mr. McCullough?