Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have Map will Travel

Actually the title should read: Have Map, Diaper Bag, Camera, Handwipes, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Deck of Cards, Crayons and Paper, Two Dozen Books (which is 22 too many), Water, 100 Pairs of Underwear in Various Sizes, Pillows, an Assortment of Stuffed Animals, Dolls (with pj's, blankets, dresses, hats, and shoes), Misc Electronic Toys (that once turned on and beep only get asked to be shut off for thousands of miles--who invented those????), Husband, and kids-- will travel.

Blogging has been an enlightenment in my life. Each day I read and read all about your lives and feel so inspired. Countless times I have walked away from my computer in a much better mood than I was when I sat down. I love peering in your windows of life and seeing what you are up to. It amazes me to realize there are so many who feel just as I do about so many things. It is empowering. The downside to this is I don't always feel like I reciprocate back that energy to others. I suppose it is that syndrome of , "who me?" Something never developed quite right in my brain when it came to how to handle attention. Never put me in a parade...all those people smiling and waving as you sit on a glittery, flowery float? Never! And what about surprise parties? The worst!

Having kids has seriously helped me with this, that protective mother hen thing overpowers any anxiety that seeps in. Don't mistreat my kids! Ken's job has also helped. The constant moving and settling in leaves no time to hide in the corner. We have been fortunate to live in some extraordinary places. And most recently blogging, as I mentioned earlier, has really changed me. But when it comes to sharing my life it still feels a wee bit strange. I thought by sharing some of our treks it would let you peer into my windows. We like to do stuff, though Ken really deserves the credit for this. He is always ready to go somewhere, I, on the other hand, am always ready to sit with my feet up.

This is a tea/ diaper stop in Turkey. We lived in a southeastern region for two years. At the time it was exciting/lonely/stressful. But to look back now already it has proven to be an experience we are grateful for. I am not certain why Ken is making that WWF wrestling face. And why do I have a coat on and Molly isn't even wearing socks?

Below is Maggie and Sam at a castle not far from where we lived. There are ruins in every direction. Most are just there, you park your car and hike...no museums, no admission, and ahem...no bathrooms. It is a beautiful country, rich with biblical history. As you can imagine our picnics since have paled in comparison.

Below is part of Cappadocia. We traveled here for three days, learning an endless amount about Christianity. I know it sounds strange but it was was like an out of body experience for me.

Ken was lucky to land a NATO assignment in the Netherlands. This was an incredible experience for all of us. It was nice to be involved in NATO and be surrounded by people from all over. We rented a farmhouse on a sugar beet farm as there was no house large enough for us! This windmill was a couple miles from it.

Below is Bavaria, Germany where my family realized "the hills were alive with the sound of music".

Little Molly in the Alps, why is she cold? Because duh...her Mommy didn't bring her coat...or tights... or boots. Actually at the base of the mountain it was very warm and we decided to ride the tram up on a whim which turned out to be amazing. (thanks, Ken.)

Hadley in Cambridge, England. My very favorite overseas country.

And lastly, Sam in Paris, you can barely see the Eiffel Tower in the background. He was posed (and bribed) by his mother. This was so worth a pack of gum.

That is part of what defines me. Tomorrow I will post part II... pics of children saddled with jet lag being dragged through airports, making their legs like jello and absolutely refusing to use a squatter potty even though they drank like two gallons of iced tea.


Leila said...

Wow, amazing! You have been everywhere!
Thanks for sharing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Amazing photos! You've been places I will never visit. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your life with all of us. You bring so much joy!