Thursday, January 29, 2009

sewing corner

I appreciate being able to have a sewing corner. We have lived in small houses and big houses, and I have always made a priority of setting up my sewing junk (I say that with love). This isn't a corner I would have set out to pick but I realized lately I feel relaxed when ever I work here. I like it for these reasons:

1) It's reasonably bright even on a cloudy day.

2) It's right next to the kids playroom, this is convenient for quick bursts of sewing and Bubs doesn't have to be kept entertained by unrolling spools of thread, he is happy enough dumping out his own toys (okay... this is a lie but he does enjoy dumping out the board games and puzzles that are in there).

3) I can't think of a number three.

4) or four

Anyhow, this is where I think of when I am someplace I don't want to be.

New trims from here. Super fast shipping and reasonable prices.

Hope you are all staying warm!


Lavender Dreamer said...

Thanks for the link for trim! I love your special corner! Would love to see the shelf with the dolls! Very nice workspace! Perfect for creativity!

Leila said...

Very nice sewing corner. I need to be right in the midst of the activity also! If I'm off in a room upstairs...I'll never go there.

Your organization is charming!

Dawn Gahan said...

What a wonderful space! How lucky you are to have a designated area for sewing and crafts. Would I sound like a big baby if I stamped my foot and said "I want one of those!"

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jemm said...

I love that idea of designating your own little corner. I'm not sure I've got any corners left though!! :) It's very pretty too. I love the threads all organized and lined up. Have a great weekend.