Friday, January 23, 2009

January what?

We have been blessed with two days of warm sunny weather. I cannot brag of this enough. In fact I feel like a spoiled child who has wasted her candy in one big bite rather than savoring or sharing it. Hopefully this warm breeze will carry this weather to wherever you are. In the meantime someone shake me and remind me it is still winter. Bubs and I have been living outside, having our tuna salad at the picnic table and our afternoon story and snack on the front porch. The windows are open gently billowing the curtains and miraculously the birds are chattering was just last week I was saying how I miss the sound of the birds. It doesn't bother me there are no leaves on the trees and the grass is dead, because today the sky is blue, and I shall sit with the warm sun on my face while my youngest child trots around the yard stopping only to pick up a stick and point to the sky. "See? See?" he says. He waits for me to point, too. We both point and smile. I treasure these moments, I know how quickly they go by.

Now, if I could just do something about these glaring, pastey legs.


Lavender Dreamer said...

It's not quite warm enough to sit outside I'm at the computer! Love your cowboy print pillow! I need to find some of that fabric! Get some sun! heehee!

Dawn Gahan said...

Your pastey legs made me smile. But I really got a big grin when I saw the Highlights magazine. Harleigh and I were in the doctor waiting room this week and picked up a recent issue. Right away we went to Goofus and Gallant, our favorite. And then my 16-year-old and I poured over the whole magazine. I forgot just how wonderful it is . . . at any age.

Happy Friday!

Jemm said...

We've had wonderful weather too. It was 64F yesterday. Today is was 28F and tonight a snowstorm!! What a difference a day makes :)