Monday, January 26, 2009

My Sisters

I have two sisters that I love equally. Really I do. They are both older than me. I feel as though I am entitled to say this as I have paid my dues throughout my childhood. Here is a teeny smidgen of evidence:

They would create singing and dancing routines behind the house and even though I knew the words and the moves I was banished like a smelly fish. Those two would talk about boys and make up and weekend plans while I would sit nearby not making faces or anything and faster than you could say Dancing Queen I would be shoved to the other side of the door. The trauma of all this is deep. I never quite learned how to style my hair or apply make up. ( Every time I put lipstick on in front of my sister K she laughs--to this day!)

Fun aside, I love them dearly! Here is L's etsy shop. She is a brilliant seamstress.

L, I took these pics off your etsy page without asking. Are you mad? If so I shall just keep blogging about more stuff. Like about how you gave me a teaspoon of Palmolive and said it was my medicine (I had pneumonia!). Shall I go on?

PS I have three brothers, too. They most likely feel left out. They always smelled growing wet dirty dogs and stale farts.


Leila said...

Sigh. I wish I had sisters. Even one...

Lavender Dreamer said...

Oh, I'm so happy to have the link for the Etsy shop! I am just discovering all the wonderful things there! It sounds like you have a wonderful family. I have only one sister and she is my best friend! Nice post! Love pretty handmade bags! I should learn to make them! heehee!

Jemm said...

Oh, how I wish I had sister, let alone two!! It sounds so fun.