Thursday, January 15, 2009

fabric love and other pretty thoughts about life

When my mind wanders it often finds its way to thoughts of my Gram. Though I know she led a wonderful long life I can't help but feel she left too soon. With no offense to my parents who were presented with their own set of life's challenges I sorely miss the comfort of my grandparents. From a young age I loved everything about them. I feel like my Gram knew who I was before I even knew. When my sewing skills went up a level, from the profound doll blanket sweat shop-- in which I thought because I could floor the pedal and sew a rectangle I was a seamstress-- to actual doll clothes, she took note of this. She would bring me bits and pieces of fun stuff regularly. One particular day she brought me a box of fabric she had in her attic. I was amazed as each was about a couple yards worth. No more wee scraps that I could cut and not feel like I wasted it. This was serious business! I still have my four favorite pieces, I am not certain I will ever be able to cut into them.

The blue w/ tiny flower is my favorite, I wonder what she bought it for. The picture is of her with my mother having a tea party.


Leila said...

How lovely!

Maybe you could make a quilt with those would be so comforting.

It's inspiring to think that grandparents can be so affirming to young children. There's hope yet! :)