Monday, February 8, 2010

Can't you see I need some help here?

Why do quilters bind quilts? Is there a reason other than appearance? Can I just sew the three layers together (right sides together) and turn it right side out like when you make a pillow? Then quilt the whole thing? Does it make the edges too bulky? Do you think I am unintelligent?
Because I just might be. I often feel not so smart. This is the part where you say, "Awww, you are to smart, you are the smartest person I know." Then I say, "Really? You mean that?" And then I follow it up with "You're the smartest person I know, too."
Then you tell me how silly I am for not binding my quilt.
I like the quality of the Nicey Jane fabrics. Looking at all the prints together makes me happy. Lately I'm drawn to blues and yellow and greens. Must be because of this groggy winter.
Today amid the rain and wind I found this lovely book in the mailbox. I ordered it weeks ago from a seller in Japan. Don't you love it when you receive a bit of cheer on a cloudy day? It looks to be a great book with full size patterns enclosed. It even smells like Hello Kitty bubblegum.

Okay friends, time to go. A good day to you and yours!


Lindsey in AL said...

I believe your imagined method is what *they* call "birthing" a quilt. Go ahead and turn it right side out and then quilt! You are so smart ;)

Also, I love your blog and don't believe I've commented before. I read the whole thing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have NO idea on this one! I did not bind a little quilt for a baby bed but it looks a little unfinished. I love the pretty fabrics and I know it will turn out beautifully! Hope you get some answers! And thanks again for the fun today...did you make brownies tonight? heehee! ♥

Unknown said...

I have made a couple of quilts in the method you--such a smart person--propose. I say--it's your baby, do whatever floats your boat!

i cant decide said...

If you are going to tie the quilt you don't have to worry as much about binding it. If you are hand quilting it you might end up with some bunched up fabric at the edges by the time you are finished. That would apply more to a larger quilt though. The shape changes a bit as you quilt from the center out to the edge. I always bind wall hangings and quilts after I quilt them. You should also cut the backing fabric larger than it needs to be before you begin quilting.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Binding provides a strong edge that protects against wear, because of the doubled up fabric.
Adding binding at the end of the quilting process means the quilt has a little wiggle room as you are doing the hand or machine quilting. If the edges have already been sewn before you do the quilting, you will probably end up with some wrinkles (puckers) in the quilt. If neither of those things will bother you, then do whatever you would like to do. It IS your quilt after all.
Btw, I love love love your blue green and yellow palette. It is going to be gorgeous!!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I have never quilted before, so i fear I am of little help on this one, But I did so enjoy your photos of such a wonderful project. The color combination is so pretty!

Leila said...

What I love about finding out about the world of quilting the way it was done in the olden days is that women did what worked for them.

If it meant making a quilt out of their husband's work-stained (but clean) overalls, they did it.

I agree with Briana and Garden of Daisies...although if you basted really well (putting in all the ease you needed beforehand to get rid of puckers) you could do it anyway.

But...binding, while a colossal pain, is SO satisfying...look at Hello My Name is Heather for a tutorial you can print out. Bias binding, of course -- for maximum painfulness. (but with good reason -- the bias takes the wear so much better, and is so much more forgiving of incompletely straight edges)

If I didn't do bias binding, I'd do it your way. And why not do it your way -- I bet Ma did. She was so smart too :)

Unknown said...

Anything that smells like Hello Kitty bubblegum is all RIGHT with me! Look at the work in that quilt...Keep on going...anything that takes the much work and hands out that much beauty is worth sore eyes!

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

Love the colors you chose! Such a delightful quilt. You must have incredible patience. I'm ashamed to think I find excuses not to start a project, when you can do this with 5 active babes at home. You go girl!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Garden Of Daisies comment is exactly what I would add. I've made many quilts. And once I thought the same thing you are thinking. But you really need the outside edging to be very strong unless you don't plan on using it a lot.