Thursday, February 11, 2010

webcam photo study

This is my daughter. She is wonderful.

She is bright and sunny and a lovely sister to many. Her love for her siblings was evident on our webcam file. I tried to clean out the file today but found myself getting choked up. There are 1000 photos of my beautiful daughter making her siblings smile. She is 15 and though we hug and profess our love each day we also share stern words. Well, I share stern words. About her clothes and make up usually.

I made her ride the bus home today as we received more snow that expected. She was sad.

She and her sister are the same size and argue about clothes many times a week. Usually Maggie has the last word and often it is funny. This makes me proud almost as much as her good grades.
She is dramatic. Yes, she acts in plays but when I say dramatic, I mean she is emotional everyday of the week. Every week of the year.
This makes me happy, too. She cares so much. About the world and how we live in it.

She will be a great mother. She has always been maternal. Even to people much older than her. When she is an adult she will surely call people "sweetie" like that woman at the bank that wears brooches and perfume.

Isn't it a great thing that she is my daughter and I love her this much? What a gift she is.

This is the one that made me laugh on my tears. She is wearing her brothers coonskin cap.

I love you, Maggie.


i cant decide said...

That is sweet. I can't wait for my daughters to grow up. But, then again, I want them to stay little. I think it is harder for me to see them get older than it is with the boys.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

She is lovely! Does she look more like you or her Dad? It's fun to see photos of your kids! Looks like you have lots of fun at your house! ♥

Barbara said...

Sometimes people look at me sympathetically when I say my daughter is 15, but she's such a joy that the teenage stuff (usually) seems secondary. It's a treat to read about your girl!

Unknown said...

Maggie is loved, this I know and what a beautiful thing to know you are loved so much by a mother. May your Valentines Day be love filled...