Friday, March 5, 2010

books (again)

Old books that have found their way home with me lately.


Because I love biographies.

And needlework books make me happy when I have an hour and a comfortable chair.

Early American Home Decorating? I like this one because every single page reminds me of my Gram. And the I Love Lucy episode when she moves to the country and furnishes her house. I beg you to open this book and see these chairs and not buy it. This is the most common type of furniture I see at estate sales, it helps to see its original intent before I haul it home and spray paint it.
It's hard to pass up a pretty, vintage children's book. Especially when you have one home sick on the couch.
I like the real photographs in Edith & Mr Bear.

When the wee girl is sitting up and declaring she is feeling fine (this happens about once an hour) the wee boy and I sing songs.

I love the inside covers of old books.

These are older school book order books. I like the States one because it names the tiny town I grew up in in CT.It says the Abington Library is the oldest in the US. It is a teeny tiny library full of great books. I went back a couple summers ago and saw my name childishly written in all the Bobbsey Twin books. It made me happy.

I often wonder if I will ever tire of buying books. I suppose if it hasn't happened yet through a dozen or so military moves I won't ever stop. Actually, outside of my family it is the books that provide me with the most comfort whenever we set up our home.

I just finished this book...

Believe it or not I couldn't find anything to read. This book has been in Ken's nightstand nearly our whole marriage. So I read it. And guess what? I loved it. I won't say you should read it as it was kind of drawn out and a bit dry. Ken has been traveling and it was comforting to read something he loves.

What books do you love? Is there a book you would identify as you-have-to-read-this?

It's hard for me to pick a favorite anything but I would say Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth" is among my favorite books.

Did you read through this whole post? Shouldn't you be cleaning up the house or something?

See you later...


Briana said...

Books are addicting! I have the same problem. I really enjoyed reading The Northwest Passage also.

I have a hard time recommending books to anyone. I never seem to suggest the right book for the right person.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's too late to do housework now and I would rather read about books! heehee! It is taking me forever to read all of New York but I know you would love it. Being in Florida we spend so much time out and about and I don't read as much but I love historical novels and biographies. I think I will look for the one I see in your stack about Abigal Adams. And I love children's books and old school books. I spend a lot of time in our little local library growing up...I can still picture every aisle! I love your B. Twins memories! Very sweet! ♥

Leila said...

I really liked Northwest Passage. I think boys would enjoy history more if it were accompanied by this sort of reading material.

I love so many books. If I had to say "you have to read this", and assuming that we take the usual suspects as givens (Austen, Tolstoy --Anna Karenina is a must --etc. etc.), hmmm...

On the silly side, Cold Comfort Farm, China Court (I don't like all of Rumer Godden, but I like that one), I Capture the Castle...

On the serious side, The Red Horse by Corti, Kristin Lavransdatter, In a Dark Wood Wandering by Helle Haase...

Peace Like a River.

I'll stop now...but if you read any of this, you have to tell me what you think!

Jemm said...

Are you kidding! It's the weekend :) I LOVE books. I probably have nearly 50 unread books sitting on my shelf right now, not read. All novels. I'm addicted. Just bought two more at my favorite used bookstore last night. It's a sickness.

GardenofDaisies said...

I love books too! Children's books, biographies, true life adventure stories, historical fiction, mysteries, etc.

Andi said...

I love to read! I love old books! I ESPECIALLY love old children's books. Why are there pictures so much more enchanting?

Alas, my own reading falls to paperbacks...trashy romance, comedy/fiction, or mystery...laughter is a must!

And, now that I work all of the time, my whole family chips in with cleaning. My entire house can be cleaned in 1.5 hours with everyone working! Woohoo!

Juniper said...

Oh to be settled in a house! We have been on the move for the last 7 years so I have not been able to acquire the second hand book gems I would have liked.
The needlework, the book with chairs, the songs for the young and crafts for boys and girls! great finds! All great, great for sitting in a cosy chair on a wintery day , well spotted!
The Edith doll book! We had one when I was a kid, it was one where she found a kitten in a barn and I loved it!
I did read through your whole post and yes, I am a bit behind on the cleaning -bahhh but life is short and now you have me thinking about what book I most enjoyed. So many, Eva Luna is one that comes to mind.

Jacqueline said...

All for the love of books and dear little Edith and her bear. I so love the Lonely Doll books. My favorites are The Mitford Series and right now I'm reading Fablehaven. I love The Doll People and Beatrix Potter tales. I'm an only child and I can still remember my mom saying...Jacqueline, if you have a book, you always have a friend.

Dawn Gahan said...

I have three Dare Wright books in my library and will never give them up. I grew up on them and loved Mr. Bear. Have you read her biography? It's rather touching and makes Edith seem all that much more of the Lonely Doll that symbolized her author.