Monday, March 22, 2010

nimble hands make happy hearts

When my children have grown and set up shop elsewhere I am certain I will look back on weeks like last week with fondness. We squeezed in a lot of stuff to include some kind of achy feverish bug that slowly wound its way through each of us. Also to include driving home from St Louis in a snowstorm and arriving home with gratitude only to have the power go off within 30 minutes but then realizing after many hours ours was the only dark house on the street. So we flipped the breaker and tried to act like we weren't dumb at all.

It was an eerily quiet day today. I couldn't put myself to any creative use other than drawing cars on a Magna Doodle. I didn't even get dressed!

Enough about my laziness...

Let's talk about simple crafts for girls. And boys mind you as my 12 year old son usually does these things with us. He likes seeing how things are put together...whether it's a potholder or radio. You know what I mean? It's not like he carries around a sewing basket or has his own thimble. But even if he did it would still be okay!
Now that I've cleared that up--
These ideas are from the Molly craft book from American Girl. This book is from my older girls...they don't publish it anymore. But the ideas are simple enough to follow your own. We have loved these books from all the historical dolls. There is no foam crafting with google eyes. These are things your kids can make and actually give as gifts. Crafts that give them confidence in learning new skills. Sadly I think this company is not what it used to be.
Whenever I see these books at yard sales I buy them and pass them along.

The apple potholder is a great project to learn basic edge stitching...using felt and a little batting it's cute and inexpensive.The star whirler was my daughter's favorite. But just be warned someone will get whacked in the face with it.The victory garden in a jar is my favorite. They really like hammering the holes in the cover and picking little trinkets to go in the jars.

These crafts are supposed to be typical of crafts in the 1940's. I would say that I wish it was still like the 1940's but can't for two reasons. There was a huge war going on, eh? Who likes war?

The other reason being Siobhan Magnus. Maybe you don't know who she is (shame, shame). I just plain and simply love her. UJ is the Cape going crazy for her?

Hey look here is a Molly book on ebay that ends in 13 days.


Andi said...

Okay, gotta say I haven't watched American Idol all season, but this gal is good.

I also must say that a gal I work with has told me I remind her of that darkhaired judge. Looking at the glimpse of her in that clip, I have to say I see why. I am terribly afraid she is every bit as over the top, and maybe slightly obnoxious as I am....

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love American girls and Molly is one of my favorites! I have a few of the books, too and sometimes think about getting one of the dolls! Love your craft projects! Enjoy your sweet family...have fun! ♥

UJ said...

Siobhan Magnus is queen of the Cape at the her Dad is pretty cool, too. Our local website has been keeping up with her progress, and if you go to, search for her by name in the upper right corner. All of the story entries will be listed. Got our collective fingers crossed!

Jacqueline said...

When my daughter was about 11 we would head to a Dutch town up north and go to the American Girl parties. They would have tea's and plays and craft sessions. Thanks for the warm memories and a reminder some of the sweetest crafts are made from the best ingredient which is SIMPLE.