Tuesday, May 11, 2010

kids clothes challenge/ Tuesday

006 I bought this fabric on a gray late winter day. Perhaps my subconscious was missing the blues and greens of summer. I think I shall call this The Birdsong Dress. It’s for my daughter, Molly. She loves to be outside.


The pattern is a vintage McCall’s, (3501) with several changes (mostly because I’m somewhat lazy).

003001I recently bought a large box of vintage zippers, this was the first one I used. The little metal teeth made me happy. I like old sewing stuff. I bet a lot of people throw it away b/c they think no one will want it. If you know those people tell them to stop doing that.


Did you forget about my giveaway? It’s over now. There were 14 entries and only one winner, so, sorry to say, you probably lost.

The winner is Ashley. I have never met Ashley but can tell you she is very special for many reasons…one of which is she is having a baby tomorrow! Wow!

Email me when you get a chance (my email is in the sidebar) with your address.

I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow…


Leslie said...

WTG and congratulations Ashley for winning and the BABY!

Jemm said...

Love the dress! I'd buy vintage stuff and then let it sit around because I'd be too afraid to actually use it.

Good luck and congrats to Ashley.

Andi said...

WHAT!?! I didn't win?

How disappointing...But, I like the dress.

And, I guess a gracious loser says congrats to Ashley, and welcome to her new baby.

barbara said...

I like metal zippers, too. And that hanger. And, of course, the dress.

lila said...

Wonderful sewing!!!!