Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the catch-all

Dear friends,

I will be cleaning my daughter’s closet today.


She has inherited an estate sale’s worth of stuff from her teenage sisters.  


And she has trouble putting things away neatly, mostly because usually what she wants to play with is in the darkest corner of her closet.  We ran out of hangers when she was 4 (she is 7 now) and clothes keep piling every which way.  It’s a big job that I am procrastinating (obviously).

She loves to collect things. Anything.


Smelly things like crab parts.  Though the beach is 1900 miles away.

Some of her collections smell good.


Like empty soap boxes.

I suppose I can’t really blame her for collecting stuff, I mean those soap boxes might be worth something someday.

When I tucked her in the other night she was wearing this eye mask…I don’t know where she got it but in the soft glow of her nightlight it scared me enough to whisper-scream.


I’ll blog again soon, I hope.  The clean up and recovery from this should take just a few days. 

Hey wait, it’s Tues Sept 21. Are you a Gleek? Me too! I’ll post why I am in love with Glee later.



Jemm said...

I have a daughter with a WAY worse closet. I just mainly try to keep the doors closed :)

Dawn said...

My daughter once had a whole 'under the bathroom sink' filled up with toilet paper rolls! ooh! and I saw a tub of those awesome little tiny Polly Pockets in your picture! Fun! Enjoy your discoveries!!

Briana said...

Oh, my, on the sleep mask. It is cute though!

I hope the recovery goes well. I'm going through our clothes storage sloooooooowly. I have boxes and boxes of boy clothes to sort and pack away.

We just did the toy thing about a month ago. I'm trying to talk my kids into a Little House on the Prairie lifestyle. They aren't going for it.

Good luck!

Prairie Rose said...

Not a fun mess to clean up,but her idea of what are "treasures"
is so sweet and innocent.
The sleep mask is so cute,and how cute at 7 that she wears it to bed!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the closet cleaning. I once found a coconut in my daughters closet, and had no idea how long it had been there or where she got it. It is yet another adventure.

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

You are motivating me to do the same to my daughters closet...she's 10 and still has a LIFE SIZE cut out of Abraham Lincoln behind her door. Isn't everything supposed to be neat & compartmentalized, like our lives? LOL. Happy Cleaning!

Andi said...

Hey! Thanks for the prompt for tonight's blog! I take inspiration where I can get it, baby!

barbara said...

Looks like you've got quite a day ahead. Those crab legs remind me of a starfish I brought home from Florida one time. (Who knew they had to cure a little in the sun?) Can you believe I watched "Glee" for the first time last week? And I was instantly hooked? And then I was out of town last night and missed the first episode?