Tuesday, September 14, 2010

on the sewing table

My mind has been spinning lately with ideas, sewing ideas.  I dream of making things all the time, but yet I hardly ever have enough time to sit and sew.  Enough time would be about 12 hour stretches of not having to drive someone somewhere or cook something.  I would sit and only get up to eat things like a whole jar of pickled herring and a get a can of Dr Pepper (the real sugar kind in the vintage looking can-have you seen those?).  And as far as the jarred fish/soda diet don’t knock it if you haven’t (buuuuurrrrp) tried it.

Anyway my sewing surfaces (various portions of flat surfaces located somewhat near my machine) are full of my jumbled ideas in various stages of production.  Like most of my life.


A baby girl dress from an old pattern with many revisions, considering they were so modest back then why did they make little girl dresses so short?


Bib stitching, we have had a lot of squadron babies lately.  This justifies me looking through my box of Aunt Martha’s transfers for 4.5 days.


Sept is usually pajama making time for me.  I like to make 3-4 pairs for the three younger kids.  But I’m getting kind of jammied out.  I made these really big so maybe they will fit next year, too?

I tried a fleece sleeper recently. It looks cozy and warm but it will still be a while before Henry wears it—today was still in the upper 90’s.  I’m tired of warm weather.  If Mother Nature could only throw us a cool day once in a while to remind me the heat isn’t so bad.  But no such luck, darn you Mother Nature!


My sewing list has taken on the nervous energy of a running race.  My husband has been coming home with rumblings of our next move.  The thought of moving quickly drains my creative energy, instead I become the queen of all things we need to be rid of before the moving van is here. This includes months of me dumping closets and drawers out yelling things at my kids that have to do with we don’t need it, you didn’t even know we had it and when’s the last time you played with it type stuff.  But for now until the boss walks in with orders in hand I pretend like we will live here  a long time and look at my fabric with dreamy eyes…



Before I go I need to apologize to Mother Nature.  I heard some thunder and went out to see how far away the dark clouds were and look what she gave me:


Thank you very much!


barbara said...

That was very nice of Mother Nature to gift you like that. If you have to move, I hope you come to upstate New York.

Andi said...

I guess none of the sewing stuff goes in the "you don't need it, you didn't even remember you had it" pile?

Jacqueline said...

Rah Rah for all the pickled herring in the world. I was first introduced to it on a ferry boat to Sweden. I love the stuff! Dr. Pepper...um...um!

A rainbow for promise! A good sign that something is going to turn out very very good. Send the rainbow my way please.

You'll enjoy my craft party today...full of my ideas spilling from my thoughts. Just like you, idea's are always twirling.

Prairie Rose said...

Love all your 'crafty' plans!
The Rainbow Promise is so lovely!
Hope you have a lovely day:)

Leila said...

Wow, Mother Nature really listens to you!

And yes, girls' dresses were really short in those patterns. It was dumb. The proportions were just all wrong. Then along came Laura Ashley...ah...the 80s...

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

The rainbow gave me head to toe goosebumps. Promises of good things to come! Love your sewing projects. Sew in 30 minute increments...not 12 hours...you are a family of 7 - after 30 minutes you'll feel like a new woman - especially if you are listening to John Denver still. :)

Dawn said...

Lovely rainbow! I can't imagine moving! I think it's so cool that people get to live in different places and experience different cultures, but the only thing I want to move is my furniture in the living room!

Paula said...

I love "Aunt Martha" stuff cause I can actually finish it. I WANT to sew, but don't have the space to keep things set up. It takes me a while to actually get started so I find myself setting up, sewing for a wee bit then putting things away. Then I realize NOTHING was really accomplished.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the beautiful rainbow...always a miracle! And I remember sewing LOTS of pjs for my boys...always having to make the legs longer and longer each year! Enjoy your sweet family...and move close to me next time! ♥