Saturday, September 25, 2010



  Part of me wishes I didn’t post that last post.


But part of me is glad I did.  Sigh.


Our garden is giving us a last harvest.


I am hoping for a bust in tomatoes.  There’s still time.


Peppers on the other hand…are growing like mad.  


Hope you have an enjoyable weekend…don’t work too hard!



Paula said...

I'm glad you posted last night. I am a storyteller (no lie people pay me for it) and one thing I worry about is people helping themselves to "my" experiences, BUT I also work to make sure that my stories have moments that are everyone's experiences. The goal with that is that people are reminded of the time "it" happened to them and they will go tell their own stories.

You remind us of our own similar experiences and you inspire us to tell our own version. Imitation IS an amazing compliment.

Prairie Rose said...

Always write what is on your heart,Kate!
Your garden is amazing!

Andi said...

Seriously...Why do I read this blog when it always exemplifies my inherent laziness? Your garden is beautiful...Mine is full of a lovely crop of overgrown bermuda grass!

Jemm said...

Aw, I love those red shoes. That's a great photo.

Your garden looks WAY more productive than ours...note that I've not posted about it all summer pretty much :)

Leslie said...

YOur garden looks great. Never be sorry for your posts.. this is one of the reasons we blog. : )
Have a great Sunday

Dawn said...

Don't be sorry about your post--I love to vent on my blog. And sometimes I delete. And sometimes I never post it. But I usually feel somewhat gratified.

And my garden was a waste of space!

UJ said...

Glad you've overcome the negatives and continued on for all the right reasons. Thanks for the family photos....always good to see my smiling folks again!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am glad you's always helpful to all of us to be reminded of what can happen to any of us as we share our lives with others. And those of us that have made good friends can stick together and support each other! That feels good, doesn't it? To know you've made a difference in someone's life...and made a good friend along the way! KUDOS to you, my friend! ♥

Jacqueline said...

Loved hearing your heart. I find blogging to be somewhat of an "emotion on the sleeve" experience. I get hurt if people delete from my blog. Sometimes I'm confused by comments or people don't comment or come once and never return...
Friendships are important but I have learned, I'm blessed by all who come to visit even if it's once or a hundred times. I totally understand reading through the lines.
I think there is a whole lot of copying and underhand work out there...but, I trust their reward will not be much. God see's it all and remember, the enemy always comes to kill, steal and destroy.
In my mama's words...never let anyone run over your character. I don't for a moment believe you did a darn thing dishonest. Phooey on them.