Thursday, September 16, 2010

Please come in


Welcome to our dining room.  This is its busiest time of year when five out of seven people here at freckled hen incorporated have birthdays.  It’s nearly fall and a lovely time of year to entertain.  No more sweaty barbeques.  Bring the people in the house and eat at the table.   I like a crowded table with lots of noise and food. 

Lucky for us the dining room is a wee bit small and having a crowded table is no problem.  Actually our family fits comfortably and when we invite anyone over we have to spread tables and chairs elsewhere and it turns into quite a cacophony  with kids that have to overtalk each other and adults that have been sampling the spirits, if you know what I mean.


Our house was built in 1920.  It has an old western feel to it, it makes you want to speak with a drawl and wear chaps (nothing else at all-just the chaps).


This room is a happy room, it’s kind of a menagerie of items that kind of match and many good memories. There’s plenty of hand me downs from our relatives.


And reminders of days gone by.



I actually remember falling in love with toile.  It made me dizzy and I couldn’t think straight. 

It was like a mad love affair. 


Designers are probably done with toile and moved on to white pleather and glass.  I am destined to be one of those women who just can’t let go. 


Thanks for coming by!  I hope you are fixin to have a great weekend.


Andi said...

I posted pictures of my rearranged living room...My house is 90% hand me downs and garage sale/junk store finds...I love old stuff! So much more character! However, I've learned to not accept too many pieces of furniture with sentimental attachment. If you ever truly need something else, but lack room due to the large pieces of heritage furniture, you are just stuck!

Anonymous said...

inYou have a lovely and inviting home. Very compfy and warm. If toile stillmakes you dizzy, who cares what the designers say.

Dawn said...

I'm indeed fixin' to have a great weekend!! I loved the glimpse of your dining room and I love that toile chair!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love the dark wood trim..and the cutie behind the doors! You've put such pretty touches throughout your home with the treasures you've found! ♥

Paula said...

hmmmm Freckled Hen... "nothing else at all" Thankfully, I haven't seen that from the cowboys I know. I dream of a separate dining room. Long live toile!

Leila said...

Why would anyone ever be done with toile? It's the most fabulous thing ever.

I love your dining room!