Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments on yesterday’s post.  Did you see how many typos I made?  It’s kind of embarrassing!

Today I shall do a 180 from my nostalgic thoughts of my childhood and share my thoughts about Glee and how I can’t join a gym.  Doesn’t that make all kinds of sense?

I can’t join a gym because I don’t like other people’s sweat.  Also because it feels gross there with everyone exhaling so heavily, I end up watching people and rating them on my gross-o-meter instead of getting a hearty workout in.  So today, dear friends, I will share a wonderful way to exercise AND enjoy it.  (free of charge, you’re welcome.)

The whole point of this is to enjoy getting on your feet.

Glee as a show is actually kind of dumb.  The plot lines are obvious enough that you can fast forward huge chunks and still know what is going on.  But the singing and dancing motivates that hidden musical theater geek in me more than anything else.  Oh to be a dancer!

I have them all taped on the DVR (you can rent them or watch them on youtube).  They are memorized in my gleeky mind by tempo and as I run on the elliptical I scan my way from video to video.  I keep the volume up really loud (great for kids with friends over) and weakly attempt to sing along as usually I’m pretty winded.


This is the one I start with, and if you are going to watch any pick this one.

Dream of all dreams, a piano in the library?  Please know I am not even a Lionel Richie fan but this duet is my favorite.  I have sang it very loud, in the car, in the shower, in the barn, while mowing the lawn. 

This is what works for me:  Glee + elliptical + yoga ball + geeky grin. The cat is optional.



Ohmygosh my nose looks enormous.

  It’s hard to get motivated to work out every day.  I am more of a competitive sports kind of person and would rather play tennis or soccer than run a few miles outside.  I get too  bored and start thinking how much I want to run home and drink water.  

What works for you? Do you wear one of those 1980’s unitard things with a side swept pony tail?





Paula said...

I am sooooo with you on gymn grossness. I work out with my wii and different videos. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dancing With The Stars workout. It plays into my dream of being on DWTS and amazing the world with my talent. LOL.

Jemm said...

I've had an elliptical for a year now. I've gotten on the d*** thing about 10 times. I NEED a TV in there. The thing is, I'd have to have the Dish Network guy come out and install another thingamabob. So, how does your DVR work? I've been wanting one because I'm always missing shows.
BTW, I thought that was your daughter, you look so young and cute ;)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I walk now...used to jog! But I listen to my IPOD and enjoy being outside! Feels good to get a little sunshine, too! I don't watch I am out of the rest of the conversation! heehee! ♥

Leslie said...

I've been lacking in my self motivation lately too. Maybe I need some Glee. : )
I just dropped my gym membership a few weekes ago. It seemed that every time ( every other month) that I would go I would get sick with a cold. Yuck.
Have a great Friday

Prairie Rose said...

HATE the Gym.
I hate watching people work out and I hate others seeing me work out.
Very Yucky.
I have recently found my go-to work out.
Its called Turbo Jam with Chalene Johnson.
Its the only one I actually get excited about working out too AND I saw results!
She has 15, 20, 30, and 40 minute workouts,so what amount of time I have,I have no excuse NOT to work work out.
And like Glee,fun music to work out to!
(holy cow,I just re-read what I typed above and it sounds like I am doing a commercial for them,I swear I do not work for Turbo Jam:)

Jacqueline said...

I confess, I like Glee too. It's a get away in time for me and the music is great.

Nope...I don't wear unitards or spandex or anything that shows rolls...I just call them my cinnamon rolls and I'm happy the way I am.

Going to put a pop-tart in and be happy!

Dina said...

Funny, Your post reminded me of "Fame" the original movie not the re-make. Back when song and dance breakouts in mid class were welcome and encouraged by instructors the more jumping and leaping the better. And I stumbled across Olivia Newton Johns video of "Lets Get Physical" the other day and yes she was in a unitard and headband. However the sheer geekiness of the video did not motivate me to move anything but my channel flipping remote control finger. LOL Have a great weekend!