Friday, May 15, 2009


Lavender Dreams recently asked me what I was reading, she is dear and sweet and thought I would answer her in the best way I know how--blogging about it!

This is a book review for a series of books that I have read over the last few years. I have often resorted to reading one when my head is full of stress and just want something a little relaxing and lullfull (made up word). The series is called The Elm Creek Quilt Series. I found the first one at a yard sale and have enjoyed many more since then.

I won't go as far as to say these are the best books ever but they are good stories and well written. I am not a quilter but appreciate the art of quilting. The last one I read " The Sugar Camp Quilt" is my favorite thus far. It is historically based during the days of the underground railroad.
The author of these books is Jennifer Chiaverini. You can buy them here.


Robin said...

sweet! what a great way to showcase what you have been reading, instead of a boring old list. i might have to try that quilt-themed series. what a clever person that author is to think of something that a cajillion women would look and and say, "ooooh, i may have to read that!"

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love hearing about a new series of books that I haven't read! Thanks so much for sharing and giving us the link. I am reading The story of Edgar Sawtelle right now and it is wonderful! I am also reading a Hans Christian Andersen book, The Wild Swans. Have your kids read his stories? They have good lessons and are entertaining, too. Have a good evening! And thanks KNOW I love books!