Friday, May 29, 2009

how time flies

Hadley's graduation day has been coming full speed.

I am in awe at how quickly. I blinked and she grew up and graduated.

She has made this family proud, embracing each part of her education with dignity and grace.

Her years of education are as colorful as the box of crayons she first started with. From being

homeschooled to attending international schools she looked at each new experience sometimes

with trepidation but ultimately making the best of it.

She will go away to school and not need me to help her cross the street or tell her she needs to

eat more protein. She will meet people and drink coffee. She'll stay up late and wake up early

and not wear a heavy coat when it's twenty degrees out. This is what growing up is all about,

which would be fine if I could stop shedding tears about it.