Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How do you welcome summer?

We welcome summer by watching the boys sit in the neat row of barbershop chairs on base. Both boys had enormous mops of hair that I gladly watch fall to the floor within seconds of hearing the buzzer. Well okay there was a little moment of regret when I saw Henry's soft, fluffy hair simply get swept into the garbage. But it's okay, right? I shouldn't have reached in and stuffed it in my purse? I already have hair from his first haircut. I'm sentimental to a fault, this is why we have so much stuff.

This is one of those posts I hope my sweet husband reads from afar. He is able to occasionally read my blog and I know he wishes it was him to bring the boys to the barber. I know they wish it, too. They still come out looking cute and this one is looking more and more like his old man.

We miss you, old man...