Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Dancing Bear

Recently the love of my life gave out my blog address to a bunch of people. I am flattered he did this and at the same time feel a little vulnerable. Kind of like having food in your teeth as your grinning ear to ear. Or that feeling you get when you are way over on your neighbor's property because you saw a huge turtle and he drives in his driveway and you want to crouch in the long grass and hide but instead you wave way too ambitiously. (I am such a fool.)

Does it make you uncomfortable to see him dance like this? He is a funny/great dancer. He will swoop up anyone within reach and hug you until your spine is adjusted. These pictures are from March.

Hopefully I've embarrassed him enough.


Jemm said...

I don't know which is funnier, the turtle story or the dancing!!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

HI! It feels like ages since I have been around to visit you! It seems I have been missing out on some fantastic posts! Backing up to the one of the last day of school, it really made me choke up over here. How beautifully you put your thoughts into words, describing that last day of school, adding your own memories to the present. I am in awe of that story, it was so touching. Then the post of your daughter's graduation. I am still sitting here with a knot in my chest and the tears filling my eyes, because I too "blinked and my children grew up". It is such a poignant moment in time, one of such happiness yet of such longing for "what used to be". as a mother, it is such great joy to watch them grow, and oh so painful. You want to hold on to them and keep them right where they are forever and at the same time long for them to go their way and bring you even more joy. I love how you talked of her growing-up years. Fantastic post, my friend!

Well, then I moved from the tears to the laughter giving me a stitch in the side, at your hubby dearest dancing up a storm, and you hoping that all the friends he passed your blog address on to will see those lovely pictures and give you a little bit of "pay back time"!! Absolutely golden, the whole post from top to bottom!! Funny, people all over the world have my blog address and visit me and I think nothing of it, but when friends back home started to find out about my blog, I cringed. All i could think of, what will they think, will they find out something about me that I did not want them to know, will they wonder what all those posts are about, actually be able to look deep inside my life??? It gave me an unsettled feeling. But then I got used to it and now I look for their comments, happy that they have dropped by my blog since they can not really drop by my home (those friends that live in the states that is). So, I know exactly how you are feeling right now!! But just remember, some of those people that now know about your blog might just be thinking, "wow, how fantastic is that, she had enough courage to go on to the net and open a blog, telling the world about her life and her home and her loved ones", and they just might be in awe of you and wondering why they did not think of a blog of their own by now!!!!

I want to thank you soooo much for the FANTASTIC comment on my 100th post. It too brought tears to my eyes, it was so heart felt!! I love what you said, that there are now 100 more reasons why you like me and my blog. I am sending out the biggest warmest bear hug your way right now for the best of all time comment left on any post ever!!! That has simply got to be THE nicest thing that I have ever had said about me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Now I know why I love blogging so much, because people like you have come into my life and made it so much richer, making me a more content and happy person. XOXOX Debby