Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shall we go for a walk?

It's a strange last day of school. Instead of the noisy hooting of my children as they wander down the road full of spectacular summer vacation high it's just little Molly...coming off that big bus all alone on her very first last day of school. No singing or running full speed to get the last cherry popsicle out of the freezer. Just little Molls holding my hand and asking me if it's okay if she works on her summer packet of work today. Remember those days? Chances are if your are female and actually reading this blog you will remember those days. The days when your teacher would give out extra worksheets (we called them dittos) and school paraphernalia. All summer I would bribe my brother to be my student (it will be fun, I promise...we'll go on field trips...) and then scold him for messy penmanship and spelling errors. I wasn't always nice but that's because I learned this from our older sisters (they were really, really, really, really, really mean). Their school wasn't always fun...but real school? I loved it. Did you?

Now on to our walk. Let's pretend the school bus hasn't arrived and since the wee sweet little girl has been deserted by her older siblings for pool parties and such we must gather the wee sweet little boy and walk to get her.

First we must look both ways.

But this is silly as we live on a dead end road and can hear a car approaching five miles away. But we still do it, okay?

Then we look at some flowers in an old paddock next door, because they are pretty. But we don't walk in to far because there are wild snakes about, okay?

Next we hear the bus approaching and run 1/6 of a mile which makes someone winded (I won't point fingers) and also spooks the horses on the corner which makes me sad as I really wanted to take a picture of them. So maybe next time you have to sprint you won't shake the ground so much that they think a herd of elephants is coming????

But here is the bus with the mean old Mrs bus-driver who is the strictest bus driver ever in the history of mankind. The children have to sit with their backs straight and feet flat on the floor, if they don't they get written up. I know this because Sam once turned around to look out the window and had to sit up front for two weeks. All my kids ride the same bus which is nice especially when their brother gets in trouble. 1 brother in trouble + 3 sisters on bus = lots of fun dinner table talk.

This neighbor lives in a pretty house with a field of wildflowers out front. These pictures look so blah in comparison. An older guy lives there all alone. I think he should place an ad in the Maine papers asking for a companion. She will ride the train here and be plain and tall. I will bake them bread and she will bring me wildflowers and then we will be friends.

Thanks for coming with me. I couldn't ask for nicer friends!


The Dadman Diaries said... older man lives there all alone?.....Nana??!!

What a great post. I'm going to copy you.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I really enjoyed that! You live in a beautiful area...wide open spaces! And I DID love school. The girl that lived across the street from me was a couple of grades ahead of me and we would play school in the summer. When I went back to school I would be ahead of everyone else! That was FUN! Plus we went to the library together and read on a quilt under a tree! AAAhhhh!!!

Shelley said...

A nice walk..thanks for inviting me....