Monday, May 4, 2009

horse talk

I have shared my miniature horse in the past but am too tired to link back to the posts. His name is Red--this was his name when we received him ("Red Cloud"). We changed it to Ben for a week but Molly was so upset by this so we reverted back to Red. Even though he isn't really red. But I will say his personality does resemble the gloom of a cloud. He is like a crotchety old man. Really he is. He isn't very nice but deep inside I think he wants to be. I act like he is nice--this must be real annoying to him. I give him hugs and kisses no matter.

I had more mowing to do today (don't worry I won't sing you the mowing song again) and went to drive the mower out of his barn. I couldn't get the mower started. Henry sat patiently knowing I was on the brink of severe frustration. Then my cell in my pocket rang and guess who it was? It was him, the love of my life, calling my cell for no reason at this absurd time of day (for him). He talked me through getting the mower going yelling things like "MORE CHOKE" as if I was piloting a fighter jet and he was in the air tower. This made me happy. I wasn't going to mention this part of my day but just before trying to get the mower going I found my dear duck Prudence...a victim of a predator. Very disturbing. I loved that silly duck and just last night had sat with it at the pond after the kids went to bed. Sigh.
Let's get back to the crotchety old horse. This is where I mowed today:

The pond is nestled in those trees and that lump of brown is Red.

This is my neighbors horse...his name is Encore. He is not crotchety. He and Red are bff. Our pastures are side by side and chances are the two of them are too. Red doesn't act impressed that Encore is a beautiful Arabian and why Encore doesn't laugh hysterically at Red's heavy bangs is beyond me.

Isn't he pretty?

On Thursday they will go to the vet together in the same trailer and I have a prediction that Red will act like a ________ (insert your own choice word).

Just look at that hair. He is so quirky and that is just why I love him. (The last time I said that was about my brother Tom and his high school hair of '88)

On a side after picking my daughter up from school we saw a tarantula crossing the road. Seriously! A TARANTULA CROSSING THE ROAD! It freaked my freak!


Jemm said...

OH MY GOSH! A tarantula? I would have swerved to run over it. Sorry. I would have. Your meadow looks SO pretty. Do you keep it mowed for appearance or to keep critters down or...? So, so sorry to hear about prudence. My chicks are only 3 weeks old now but I know I would be totally devastated if anything happened to them.

Seeing your place makes me want to come down and visit you! It's so pretty. Plus I'm reading this book 'Stormy Weather' and it takes place in Tarrant County, TX. It would be neat to see Texas. I've only been across the tip top. Take care.

Leila said...

Dear Jemm is crazy. Can you imagine the squish (it makes me scream to THINK of it!) as a car ran over a tarantula??

I can't take any more of these thoughts.

I am glad you had such a romantic talk with your hubby :)Most men tell you that you flooded it, so he is really special to tell you to give it more choke.

Little Lovables said...

Poor Prdence :(

Lovely horse! Red does look huggable. I once saw a tarantula crossing the road, it was huge... I thought it was the Adaams Family hand thing for a moment and freaked out.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What wonderful pictures! And I remember seeing tarantulas when we visited AZ...EEE! NOT GOOD!