Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victorian Papers

Ever since my Gram gave me her old Victoria magazines many years ago I have been in love with Victorian Trading Co. When I saw looked through the first catalog it was as if harmonious music was playing. They have a bunch of different catalogs including furniture, stationary, clothing and knick knacks. Every month they have a special if you spend $49. This month it is this:

They are made of porcelain. Anything is better than plastic, right? The Trading Company website has great free ecards.

What would I purchase? Tonight it would be art work. Paintings of women pondering. Because that is what I seem to be doing lately.

There is always lots to ponder. These women look so much more elegant doing it. Perhaps I shall wear a long gown each day? Psshish. That is the sound my Aunt Peg makes when I say something ridiculous.


Jemm said...

I love that last one the best. They are really lovely.