Sunday, May 3, 2009

glitzy cowgirl

Molly crafted this cowgirl today. Her sequin glory reminded me of something Molly said last year that makes me laugh each time I think of it.

I'll start by explaining that for some reason (that I can't remember) Molly (and now Henry) have always referred to their older siblings as "guys". Like this.... "guys are coming off the bus soon." Or, "tell guys dinner is ready". This has always been the case...even though Hadley and Maggie are girls.
Anyhow, we were in Marshall's and I was breezing through the pj department as Molly (age four) grabbed a skimpy piece of something that I suppose could be called underwear. It had a small piece of glittery lace, a string and feathery trim. I was shopping and really oblivious to what she was holding. Being one of three daughters of a craft-a-holic I suppose she was thinking of craft supplies as her face resembled the same one she made when I gave her a bag of colored feathers. I came back to reality when I saw two ladies staring at me with disgust. I realized Molly was waving this "underwear" in my face saying "Mommy, guys will love this."
I am certain in her little mind she was thinking of her and her sisters making some grand, gluey, sequined project like the cowgirl above.


Leila said...

I love that you are posting more and I LOVE this story!!

How mortifying!!

How funny!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Love the wonderful cowgirl! A true artist knows just where the glitter goes! Cute story, too! KIDS! I have a bunch and you'll be glad you wrote some of the cute sayings and stories down to remember! Great post today!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Love the glittery cowgirl, and loved the story!! I sat here and chuckled over it long after I was finished reading. Debby