Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tasha Book Talk

Today I piled the children in the car and headed to Dallas. The drive is too long.

We collectively needed a few things that we couldn't find here in our little cowboy town. It was raining this morning, I argued with the teenagers and humphed all the way there. After looking like the hillbillies gone to the big city for a couple hours we relaxed and began to remember that we did indeed like each other. By the time we came home the sun was shining, the cows were grazing and we were singing in the car.
I found a Tasha Tudor book at the used book store. This means I will fall asleep tonight with visions of my New England in my mind combined with the soothing words of Tasha explaining how and why she lived her life in such a way. This comforts me and I find it no coincidence that I found this book today- a day which I silently declared for the thousandth time how I can't stand malls.


Robin said...

what a great find. i absolutely love tasha tudor. i think i could live that lifestyle. oh, ok, it's too much work. but she's so fascinating to me living in the cool house in VT with no electricity (i'm pretty sure, none)! i have her dollhouse book, which I won from the very sweet Clarice of Storybook Woods during her giveaway. it's the best book (any of them) to crawl into bed with, get the pillows all situated, and just dream of what you want to do from the book. good purchase! you know they're collectible now, too. lucky you... :o) --robin

Leila said...

Tasha Tudor is the best.

She's responsible for the rest of us kind of losing our minds...but in a good way :)

marné said...

So lovely! I hate malls too :o)

I also enjoyed the Elm Creek quilters books. Not great literature, but so soothing somehow.