Saturday, May 2, 2009

old news movie review

It is always my intent to watch a good movie when it comes out. Intent and actually seeing it are two different things. Usually about ten days after it is out in the theater I make up my mind to wait and buy it on dvd. Then when it comes out on dvd I won't spend the $19.99 and think I will rent it. Rarely will I rent it. But the intent is there from the beginning. So when I see a movie and buy it and watch it more than once, it must be really good. And that is the case with Miss Potter.

I was a bit dismayed at first as it starred Renee Zellweger--actually I like her very much and even though I enjoyed her in Bridget Jones I think my heart thought Beatrix Potter should be portrayed by someone from England. She proved my heart wrong and as an added bonus my heart got to swoon over Ewan McGregor. He gives me sweaty palms, in the good way.
So if you are worse than me with movies and haven't seen this movie yet even though the intent was there you just might like it. It's not too late.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

What a good straight-from-the-heart review of this movie that I have heard so much about. I will rent it now too! There is nothing better then a movie that is so good, that you just have to watch it over and over again. Right now my favorite to see often is "Music and Lyrics". Not a real new one, but I love it! have a good Saturdy, Debby

Leila said...

Yes! Miss Potter is a delight.

I so agree about RZ -- I was all set to be negative. But she is excellent!

I love this movie!

Jemm said...

Ooo, that sounds good. I've never heard of it! Another one that I just LOVED was "Miss Petigrew Lives For a Day". Wonderful, and I really liked Australia too. RZ always seems a little fakey to me but I'm with you that I do really enjoy her for some reason. She's not over the top beautiful maybe. Just real looking. Who knows. :)